Omicron Rho

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Omicron Rho
Omicron Rho.png
Governing House The Core
Region Edge Worlds
Omicron Delta
Omicron Minor

Omicron Rho is the Core home system where the majority of their forces are stationed. The system is kept under intense security and visitors are closely monitored whilst they are there - even if they are trusted allies. Core influence encompasses the entire system, and attacks from their enemies are infrequent and typically end with the decimation of the aggressor unless they retreat. After seeing Omicron Minor falling to the wrath of the Nomads, the Core are strict in cutting no corners in defence of their home system lest they want the same fate the Order had.

The Core also conducts highly secretive military research and experiments within Omicron Rho, both ethical and unethical. At times such as this, access to the system may be barred entirely depending on the scale of the operation conducted.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Green

  • TYPE: F4
  • COLOR: Green
  • MASS: 1.99 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.53 x 10e7 km
Planet Rio.jpg
Planet Rio
Planet De Aar.jpg
Planet De Aar

  • None
  • Lesotho Fragments
  • Kathu Edge Nebula
Industrial Development
  • None
Faction Presence
Lawful Factions
Corporations & Guilds
Unlawful Factions

System Map

Areas of Interest


Kathu Edge Nebula

Kathu is an outcropping of the Edge Nebula that features high levels of background radiation and no particularly interesting resources. The cloud is nonetheless of strategic importance to the Core, as it is the location of a jump hole that connects Omicron Rho to the deeper Nomad Worlds.

Asteroid Fields

Lesotho Fragments

The Lesotho Fragments feature no particularly interesting resources. What presumably used to be a planet is now nothing but a shattered wasteland of rocks. Within the field, the Core established a training site for their pilots, featuring a radiation pocket, a minefield and a cleared out area around a larger rock.

Jump Gates/Holes

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