Omicron Minor

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Omicron Minor System

Omicron Minor was the home system of The Order. The system is almost entire covered by an asteroid field similar to the Omicron Beta field. In 818 AS, the Nomads launched a full scale invasion of Minor, destroying the planet and annihilating the Order forces.

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Planet Toledo

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Areas of Interest

Omicron Minor Edge Nebula

The Edge nebula is an immense looming cloud that occupies almost half of the Omicron Minor system. Once used as a screen by the secretive organisation known as the Order to protect their adopted homeworld, it now serves as a mass graveyard for all those lost during the Battle of Omicron Minor and the devastation of Planet Toledo.

Toledo Graveyard


A disc formed from planetary fragments, scrap and derelict ships from the second Battle of Toledo led to the appearance of a sort of unspoken "no man's land". A shameful memorial for both the Order's and the Core's fleets, the graveyard continues to grow in size. Both sides appear to be too occupied with one another to conduct any salvage operations on a large scale, meaning that so long as the conflict continues and due to the danger that even a Junker wouldn't think twice about risking, the field will remain for the indeterminate future.

The sheer amount of scrap metal attracts the occasional odd scavenger, liable to join the silent fleet of wrecks. With the crossfire between the Order and Core still churning above the dead planet and Nomads attacking everyone without discrimination, Omicron Minor is one of the most dangerous places to be in the entire Sirius Sector.

Notable events

In 818 AS, the Nomads launched a full scale invasion while The Order were under attack by Core forces. Their objective was, it seems, the destruction of The Order. Against all odds, they fought the invaders with bravery.

During the Battle for Minor, the Isis was destroyed and the ground batteries silenced by Nomad bombardments. The strikes were directed at fault lines along the planet's surface. The bombardment destroyed the thin crust at those lines, letting the latent magma flow through multiple fissures in the crust. The process was repeated all along the planet, which became mostly overrun by lava flows.

It would appear the Order had neither enough time to stage an evacuation nor the resources, so it is believed that most of the population died in the underground bunkers - either due to the bombardments, or the lava flows that followed. It is estimated that close to one million people perished.

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