Planet Fuerteventura

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Planet Fuerteventura
Planet Fuertaventura.jpg
Location 6E, Omega-49
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Ice
Diameter Unknown
Mass Unknown
Temperature Unknown
Escape velocity Unknown

A frozen, lifeless world, surveyed by the Zoners when they arrived in-system. Originally, Lanzarote Base was constructed in its orbit to facilitate easy transfer of resources and material from the planet to aid in construction and colonization of Planet Gran Canaria. Unfortunately, the scarcity of easily available natural resources on the planet meant that the Zoners had to bring in raw materials from other systems, before eventually using those present on Planet Gran Canaria. However, there remains an automated mining facility on Planet Fuerteventura, existing for the sole purpose of extracting and processing the considerable Gold deposits found on-planet. During colonization, this gold was used to help finance the colonization and subsequent construction on Planet Gran Canaria.