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Governing House Independent
Region Bretonia

The Omega-49 system was discovered in 767 A.S. by a Zoner expedition and was a closely kept secret for some time after. The discovery of Planet Gran Canaria was a godsend to the Zoners who were under increased pressure from piratical factions across the majority of their freeports in Sirius. Most notably, their outpost Freeport 9 was flourishing due to the supply of food it provided to the local Corsairs. It wasn't long until the Corsairs began to reconsider paying for their goods at all. This made an example that resonated across the sector that the Zoners could, and would be taken advantage of.

It was then that they decided to relocate large portions of their civilian populace the the green world in Omega 49. The initial settlement of the planet was such a success that the Zoners decided to relocate much of their hierarchy there and the system has since been the largest concentration of Zoners in the sector. By striking a deal with the Independent Miners Guild to extract the local bounty of resources the Zoners began to construct vessels that had never before been attempted by a faction so unfamiliar with ship building. Transports rivaling the enormity of Rheinland cruisers were built to run the voids between their Freeports. Gunboats and heavy Fighters were designed to help protect their assets and territorial claims in the remotest corners of the edge worlds. Support Craft, Heavy Cruisers and Life Ships were to follow in what amounted to the formidable Zoner armada known across the sector today.

It was not until 809 A.S. that their dominance of the system was finally contested. When word arose that another source of unclaimed Niobium was floating within reach of Bretonian grasp, so began a rush to claim never before seen. The most eager to mine the fields was the Bretonian nationalised firm Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing whom were largely cut out of the market by the IMG in the Taus for the Niobium deposits there. The firm never managed to get a foothold in the system however due to the piratical presence of the Mollys and Corsairs who disrupted their every attempt to establish an operation.

So the fields were left to those who drew little attention of the pirates; who were poorly organised and selfishly driven. Word spread fast and independent vessels of all shapes and sizes arrived from across the sector to mine the fields. The local Mollys flourished from the loads of niobium seized and sold on the black market alone. Arranmore Base was turned into a fortress of piracy and the raids in Dublin grew bolder.

At this time in 815 A.S the rush began to wind down, what ore was left to mine was diminishing. Risk of losing a load of Niobium to the pirates was 2 in 3 by this point which discouraged most civilians from ever returning to the fields. Again neutrality had helped restore balance for the Zoners and the gorging of the pirates on the helpless miners helped remind the pirates of the advantages of a Zoner presence.

Now the Zoners continue to occupy the system and only tighten their grip further on what they closely regard as their home. Lanzarote Base now orbits Planet Fuerteventura as a secondary outpost for the Zoner patrols that now saturate the trade routes through the system. The central trade hub now aboard Grand Vista Orbital serves as the center of commerce for the Zoners corporate empire. The only faction bold enough to infringe on the Zoners claim remain to be the Corsairs who have had the Battleship Fes stationed in the system.

In 825 A.S., the Bretonian government has authorized a task force spearheaded by the Battleship Stirling to annex Omega-49 and Planet Gran Canaria into the Kingdom.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Blue

  • TYPE: B2
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 2.12 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.69 x 10e7 km
Planet Fuertaventura.jpg

  • None
  • Barrier Nebula
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Barrier Nebula

3 outcroppings of the Barrier Nebula, ice crystal clouds left after the formation of Omega-49 star system.

Barrier Nebula

Asteroid Fields

Jump Gates/Holes