Planet Gran Canaria

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Planet Gran Canaria

Owner Zoners
Location 4E, Omega-49
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 12,448 km
Mass 5.90 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -35°C to 41°C
Escape velocity 10.98 km/sec

Discovered in 769 A.S. by a Zoner expedition, Planet Gran Canaria was thought to be a new hope for a peaceful life on a hospitable world far from House territory. Hailed as a paradise world among the barren and lifeless rocks so common in the Edge Worlds, the local Zoners quickly took advantage of their discovery, sending a large surveying and colonization team to the Omega-49 system, hoping to establish an independent colony there before other groups arrived in-system.

In 772 A.S., a jump hole to Dublin was discovered in an outcropping of the Barrier Nebula in the system. The Zoners realized that if the Bretonian government found out about the system, they would try to annex it and bring in Bretonian settlers, considering the over-crowding on Bretonian planets and the desirability of a planet like Gran Canaria. In addition, the Mollys of Dublin would also be likely to stake a claim to the system. In 803 A.S. the Gran Canarians, realising that Bretonia would eventually stumble upon the system during their endless skirmishes with the Mollys, made a strategic decision to disclose the routes into Omega-49 to the Corsairs, in exchange for protection from other aggressive parties and rights to establish their own settlements on the planet. Under this agreement, the Zoners persuaded the Corsairs to treat the Freeports in their territory more favourably, and the Corsairs gained an alternate route to strike at Bretonia and the Mollys from an unexpected quarter. With the location of the planet having been revealed, the Mollys were infuriated but were unable to dislodge the Corsair presence in the system, and the Bretonian Government could not afford a costly guerilla war against the entrenched Corsair forces. It remains to be seen whether using Corsairs as a buffer will prevent other groups from colonising the planet, particularly since increasing numbers of ex-Bretonian citizens are travelling there as part of independent settlement projects.

While successful in making the first claim to the planet, it proved to be only a temporary paradise, as the Omega-49 beta star was at its closest point in its elliptical orbit of the alpha star. The complex gravitational tides influenced Gran Canaria's orbit around the alpha star, initially shifting it into the habitable zone. However, now that the beta star is receding, temperatures on Gran Canaria are expected to drop sharply over the coming years, possibly triggering a lengthy ice age. Although an internal census by the Zoners estimated the planet population at 420 million people, a recent study found this number to be extremely exagerrated, with a more realistic estimate of the planet population being between 500.000 and 800.000 individuals. This number is expected to decrease as temperatures continue to drop.

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