Planet Gran Canaria

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Planet Gran Canaria
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Owner Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia Police Authority
Location 4E, Omega-49
Border Worlds
Technical information
Population 500,000 - 1,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 12,448 km
Mass 5.90 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -35°C to 41°C
Escape velocity 10.98 km/sec

Discovered in 769 A.S. by an expedition mapping the uncharted systems beyond Freeport 5, Planet Gran Canaria was thought to be a new hope for a peaceful life on a hospitable world far from House territory. Hailed as a paradise world among the barren and lifeless rocks so common in the Edge Worlds, the local Zoners quickly took advantage of their discovery, sending a large survey and colonization team to the Omega-49 system, hoping to establish an independent colony there before other groups arrived in-system. Not long after, migrants fed up with living under House laws and taxes began arriving on Gran Canaria, establishing many loosely connected settlements around a particularly lush river delta.

In 772 AS, a Jump Hole to Dublin was discovered in an outcropping of the Barrier Nebula in the system, revealing that Omega-49 was much closer to Bretonian Space than had been thought. The Zoners, considering the overcrowding on Planets New London and Leeds, realized that if the Bretonians discovered the system, the Planet would be overrun by Bretonian settlers and possibly brought under Bretonian, or even worse, BMM control. Fearing that either Bretonia or the Mollys of Dublin would try to claim the system, the Zoners of Gran Canaria launched a series of disinformation campaigns seeking to hide any evidence of the world. For a time, the Planet was hidden, but as the Dublin Conflict expanded, the Gran Canarians became concerned that Bretonia would eventually stumble upon the system during its endless skirmishes with the Mollys.

In 803 AS, the Gran Canarians made a strategic decision to disclose the routes into Omega-49 to the Corsair Empire, in exchange for protection from other aggressive parties and rights to establish their own settlements on the Planet. Under this agreement the Zoners persuaded the Corsairs to treat the Freeports in their territory more favorably, while the Corsairs would develop a colony on the vibrant world and gain an alternate route to strike Bretonia and the Mollys from an unexpected quarter. This route was later used by the Corsair Empire to destroy the Molly colony on Planet Cork in the bitter conflict between Corsairs and Mollies in Bretonia.

Soon after Corsairs raiders began streaming through Bretonia from Omega-49, the system was discovered by both the Mollys and Bretonia. The Mollys, furious that the Zoners had sided with the Corsairs, found themselves unable to remove the established Corsair presence from the system, and the Bretonian Government was uninterested in the expense of a costly guerilla war against the entrenched Corsair forces on the planet while it had to respond to Kusari fortifying Tau-29 in 810 AS. Making friends of the Corsair Empire had bought the Gran Canarians time, but by 817 AS, Border World Exports had begun administering a refugee settlement on the planet, on the opposite hemisphere from the original settlements.

While the Zoners were successful in making the first claim to the planet, it proved to be only a temporary paradise, as the Omega-49 beta star has a highly elliptical orbit, and while it is near aphelion, the planet experience cyclic ice ages. Temperatures are expected to drop sharply over the coming years, and mass climate destabilization is expected while the seas fall and the glaciers advance. Though it is very hard to take a census of a population so sparse and at odds with itself, recent studies suggest that the planetary population is between half a million and a million individuals, divided between the Zoner, Bretonian and Corsair settlements.

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