Planet Junyo

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Planet Junyo
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Owner SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
Location 4F, Shikoku
Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Technical information
Population 30,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Water
Diameter 5,280 km
Mass 3.89 x 10e24 kg
Temperature 4°C to 46°C
Escape velocity 8.83 km/sec

The Planet Junyo was surveyed in 57 A.S., during the exploration of the Shikoku system by the famous Kusari explorer, Isao Yoshida, who named the planet after his ship, the Junyo Maru. It is covered almost entirely by a single deep ocean that remains liquid across the entire surface of the planet, due to the Shikoku system's young, hot sun. Despite being habitable, the planet was largely ignored by the Kusari government. A small number of Settlers did relocate to the Ishizuki Plateau, a flat area of arable land that is the Planet's only land mass, and for centuries, the Planet was inhabited by a only a few hundred people in a single settlement.

With the impending collapse of fisheries throughout Kusari in 630 A.S., Samura Industries purchased the Planet from the Kusari government in an effort to begin Terraforming Junyo's ocean using the recently discovered Alien Organisms from the Planet Kurile. By 680 A.S., the ecosystem had been altered considerably; to such an extent that wide-scale production of Food was able to begin Planet-wide.

Samura has continued to experiment with the Microorganisms, tuning their use to maximise their effect on the Junyo fisheries. As of the end of 816 A.S., Junyo had attained a population of around 30 million, all of whom were employed in some way by the lucrative Foods business on the Planet, although Samura has nevertheless slowly been losing ground to the more competitive Synth Paste produced by the rival Liberty firm, Synth Foods.

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