Planet Moros

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Planet Moros
Planet Moros.jpg

Owner Flag-nomads3.png Nomads
Location 3B, Omicron Lost
Nomad Worlds
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 13,753 km
Mass 5.98 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -120°C to -90°C
Escape velocity 10.17 km/sec

>>>SCANNING: Safe re-entry vector verified.<<<

A beacon demarcating a favorable entry point into the Planet's atmosphere for small vessels.

Discovered and surveyed by a Crayter scientific expedition in 817 A.S. Due to the lack of any valuable resources and a very hostile environment both on the surface and in the surrounding space, economic development is considered very unlikely.

At first glance resembling a gas giant, Moros has an opaque, purple-tinted atmosphere composed of argon, xenon and trace amounts of other gases. The planet's surface is rocky, littered with frozen carbon dioxide crystals and some rare alien ruins.

Over time, a significant quantity of rocky debris got pulled into the Planet's gravity well. Also, the Crayter expedition assembled a temporary supply depot in geostationary orbit.

Moros is the ultimate frontier of the Sirius sector. It lies well beyond the boundary set by the edge nebula, and despite the extremely harsh environmental conditions, the Order is considering whether to establish an automated listening post on the surface. Local Nomad activity is surprisingly high. Nobody is certain as to the reason for this, but it is suspected that the aliens also recognize the strategic importance of the system. Economically, Moros theoretically could support a population and generate profits from artifact export, however the same sort of goods are available at a lesser cost and risk in Omicron Gamma, Delta and Theta.

Planet Moros, Nomad Lair

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