Planet Santorini

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Planet Santorini
Planet Santorini.jpg
Location 7C, Omicron Xi
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Volcanic
Diameter 23,645 km
Mass 8.01 x 10e24 kg
Temperature 42°C to 90°C
Escape velocity 21.45 km/sec

The second largest Planet in the system, Santorini is a dark and very dense world with a toxic atmosphere. High concentrations of Sulphur Dioxide and Chlorine in the atmosphere make the air of the Planet totally un-breathable. Added to this, convection currents caused by the strong solar radiation falling on the Planet lead to large dust clouds primarily composed of carbon particulates that can not only clog lungs but also machinery. With no out-right economic value, Santorini's main significance is it's unique asteroid belt, held in place due to the gravitational pull of the planet's dense core. This belt houses the relatively newly established Thira Colony.