Thira Colony

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Thira Colony
Ocaso class Asteroid Base
Thira Colony.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
7C, Omicron Xi
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 230

Thira Colony was established within the large asteroid ring around Santorini in 810 A.S.. With precious little raw materials in the system, the Planetoid chosen was almost entirely impermeable and thus perfect for a "dig in" outpost. With the increased frequency of attacks on Omicron Gamma and other Corsair establishments in the Edge by their enemies, Corsair leaders felt it necessary to lay provisions for a tactical retreat to a defensible location if such drastic action was ever called for.

Thira was the centerpiece of this plan, which was designed to help house several thousand people for a short time, out of harm’s way if the time ever came when Crete was no longer defendable. By current projections, the Thira project has only utilized an eighth of the planetoid’s volume so far, and thus has huge potential to be expanded if necessary. Operating at a sustainable five percent of current capacity, Thira Colony currently only houses around two hundred people, but is largely self sufficient. Occasional gas-scoops from nearby planets provide the station with Oxygen and Water to sustain its current populace, and enough Food can be produced in experimental hydroponics centers within the Planetoid to feed the minimal crew that currently reside there.

Once renowned as the "quietest place in the Corsair Empire", Thira was intended to act as the last place of refuge if Gamma is ever overthrown. This plan has been all but sidelined as an extremely vengeful Rheinland Military emerged out of a Jump Hole from nearby Munich into this formerly nearly-uncontested portion of Corsair space. The number of ships stationed aboard the colony have at least tripled since this new threat unveiled itself and the Corsair leaders have re-started intensive efforts to hollow out portions of the crust for hangar-space and the like. In comparison to the shipyard stationed elsewhere in-system, Thira has thus far escaped notice from the invaders.

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter