Planet Tomioka

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Planet Tomioka
Planet Tomioka.jpg

Owner SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
Location G7, Nagano
Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Technical information
Population 300,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Jungle
Diameter 6030 km
Mass 6.35 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -156°C to -59°C
Escape velocity 5.22 km/sec

When Samura first surveyed Planet Tomioka they found it to be similar to Planet Kyushu, an even mix of land and water, with a large variety of primitive sea life. Many of the land masses on the planet are rich in plant life with some smaller lizard-like creatures appearing the main animal species on the planet. The usually calm weather and large, open "shrub forests" have become an attractive retreat for the wealthy well-connected Kusari citizen who just wants to get away from the crowded cities of New Tokyo.

Samura has begun developing the planet, creating large farmlands on one continent, while leaving an entire second continent completely allocated as a resort. Small villas are erected, with dozens of square kilometers of open country in between them - making a Tomioka visit "an undisturbed time".

Samura is also experimenting with the native fish-like life in the oceans, but has thus far not found anything worthwhile. Some of the species seem edible, but their appearance and taste make them unappealing. Samura established two small mining outposts on the planet on sites where prospectors found deposits of valuable minerals - naturally, these are nowhere near the resorts. Between the fledgeling farming communities, miners and the people employed at the resorts, the planet has roughly 300.000 people on the surface, but this number is expected to rise quickly as Samura expands its operations on Tomioka.

In 823 A.S. the Blood Dragons commenced an offensive on the Planet, taking advantage of the lack of substantial local support from Republican forces. Fighting was intense on the southern hemisphere, where the Blood Dragons attempted to make advances against the Samura security forces in the hopes of one day capturing the planet for their own ends.

While the Matsumoto group provided much needed support not only in space but also planet-side, the redeployment of the Matsumoto back to Hokkaido has left only the Samura security forces and a small detachment of Kusari Naval Forces to hold the Dragons' advance at bay.

Samura Industries Landing Site




Light Fighter
Dsy miner lf.png
Light Miner
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Asteroid Miner

Blood Dragon Outpost

The Dragon Outpost on Planet Tomioka

Planet Tomioka as seen from orbit.

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