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Governing House Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Region Kusari

Nagano is a remote area on the borders of Kusari space. It is linked to Kusari by a Jump Gate to Tau-53 only. The most important places are Planet Tomioka and the mining area at Planet Shirane.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium White

  • TYPE: F7
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 1.67 x 10e32 kg
  • DIAMETER: 6.31 x 10e8 km

Medium Blue Green

  • TYPE: A4
  • COLOR: Blue-Green
  • MASS: 2.01 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.55 x 10e7 km

Medium Blue

  • TYPE: B2
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 2.12 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.69 x 10e7 km
Planet Kodo.jpg
Planet Kodo
Planet Shirane.jpg
Planet Shirane

  • None
  • Hida Dust Field
  • Midori Cloud
  • Takasaki Dust Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Hida Dust Field

A remote field of fine particulate matter. High levels of Outcast activity have been detected within.

Midori Cloud

The Midori Cloud is the youngest nebula in human knowledge. The Midori Nebula is really nothing more than a small pocket of Ionized Hydrogen pulled into the Nagano system when the Tau-53-Nagano jump gate was activated. Having orbited the system's three suns, the cloud gradually settled around a previously-unknown jumphole to the Tau borderworlds. Once caught in the jumpholes gravity, the cloud regained an elliptical shape as it spun around it.

With the increasing presence of Kusari Naval Forces' patrols in the system and less need for the Farmers Alliance to act as a sort of civilian militia, Shibukawa Depot was towed into the cloud for cover and secrecy from a now less "understanding" State Police. Prior to the depot's destruction the Farmers Alliance kept vigil over the jumphole and the Outcasts that attempt to enter the system through it.

Asteroid Fields

Takasaki Dust Field

Surveyed in 815 A.S. by Farmers Alliance scouts, the Takasaki Dust Field is a rocky blanket over the majority of the Nagano system. Held in place by the massive gravity well of the Planet Kodo, the Takasaki holds claim to two planets. The Planet Kodo, being a gas giant, cannot be inhabited by humans, but a rare species of alien organism does indeed thrive in the upper atmosphere of the planet, unaffected by the intense atmospheric pressure. The Planet Tomioka, though, is habitable to humans, and is a pristine planet of wide green fields and deep blue oceans.

Because of the extreme cost of building in the field, due to both the remote location, Samura Industries abandoned all thought of colonizing the system until 817 A.S. After hearing of the fertility of planet Tomioka, the farmers of Kyushu lobbied for Samura to fund settlement of the field late in 818 A.S. due to an extreme decrease in the selling price of Kyushu rice. With promises of militia security, Samura began the colonization project. The Farmer's Alliance lived up to it's promise, and policed the field on their own, until the project neared its conclusion and the Naval Forces took over defense.

While the planet is held in an iron grip by Samura, the Farmers Alliance, and is a substantial market for the Hogosha's illicit goods, the Takasaki Field is not peaceful. Uncharted entrances to the system still allow the Golden Chrysanthemums and Blood Dragons the ability to slip into the system and attack the new colony's trade corridors. While the attacks came too late to hamper the planetary construction, it has delayed the completion of the system's single trade lane. Being forced to use their cruise engines, resulting in a much longer flight to the planet and back to the jump gate, the transports coming to Tomioka particularly vulnerable to the continuous raiding by both revolutionary groups.

Takasaki Dust Field

Jump Gates/Holes

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