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Most recent update: 8th of February, 2015

The rank structure of the Red Hessian Army is reliant on a system of achievements. These achievements can range from equipping yourself to convincing others of the superiority of the Volksrevolution to shooting down crack pilots of the Corsairs in the field of battle. A more detailed description of certain achievements can be found in the definitions section.

Rank Structure

The ranks are sorted from lowest to highest.


Rekrut insignia

RHA rekruts are newly admitted pilots to the Red Hessian Army. Some are without flight training, others are former military, and yet others have just turned to the Hessians from civilian duty and have been admitted to the Army to fill up holes. This is the period during which they get to know their surroundings and the ships they are given to fly for the revolutionary cause. They will only get to proceed to the rank of Flieger if they have carried out the promotion requirements within the specified time (7 days).

  • Bonus given: Money for ship setup
  • Restrictions:
    • Allowed ship classes: Fighters
    • Only Red Hessian and civilian guns allowed to be mounted on your fighter(s)
  • Requirements for promotion to Flieger:
    • 2 reports posted in message dump
    • Proof of fully set up fighter, with the appropriate ID and IFF
  • Ships required: Odin/Sabre/Switchblade/Loki/Falchion (at least one of these)


Flieger insignia

Fliegers are rekruts who have spent some time flying their fighter within Hessian space since they were commissioned, and are now aware of the surroundings the Red Hessians find themselves in, as well as what is required of them to survive and most importantly - prevail. They are still novice, but eager to prove themselves regardless by carrying out orders they receive from their officers mostly without question.

  • Bonus given:
    • Bomber use granted
    • Transport use granted (read more)
  • Restrictions:
    • Allowed ship classes: Fighters, Bombers, Transports
    • Only Red Hessian and civilian guns allowed to be mounted on your fighter(s)
  • Requirements for promotion to Gefreiter:
    • Combat ready bomber
    • One of the following:
      • 3k Units of cargo pirated
      • 12k Blood Diamonds smuggled
      • 10 million credits pirated
      • 2 Corsair, Wilde or Rheinland lawful kills
      • 4 reports in message dump


Gefreiter insignia

A Gefreiter is an advanced Flieger who has proven himself not only reliable on the field, but also ideologically sound. Gefreiters are the men and women who are at the forefront of most assaults. They are slowly realising the extent of what they must do in order to help spread the Volksrevolution, their experience becoming more and more considerable each day, their names steadily finding their way onto the Rheinland Police' suspected terrorists list.

  • Bonus given:
    • Granted use of allied weapons and equipment
    • Granted supervised access to the Red Hessian Army special weaponry storage (codename gun armoury)
    • Granted use of shared RHA support accounts
  • Restrictions:
  • Requirements for promotion to Leutnant:
    • Two of the following:
      • 4k Units of cargo pirated
      • 15k Blood Diamonds smuggled
      • 15 million credits pirated
      • 3 Corsair, Wilde or Rheinland lawful kills
      • 6 reports in message dump


Leutnant insignia

Pilots who become Leutnants are those who are beginning to succumb to the gritty reality of the battlefield in the Omega systems and the civil war within Rheinland itself. Still idealistic and courageous, they now know the extent of the terror that their enemies are willing to inflict upon them, if only to break their will. So they thrust their ships into the heat of the battle, only to emerge victorious as they find themselves accomplishing feats of extraordinary skill and prowess, with Hessian generals silently starting to look at them as future commanders of their ever growing fleet of fighters.

  • Bonus given:
    • Granted use of shared RHA gunboat accounts
    • Granted use of gunboats
  • Restrictions:
  • Requirements for promotion to Oberleutnant:
    • Two of the following:
      • 6k Units of cargo pirated
      • 20k Blood Diamonds smuggled
      • 20 million credits pirated
      • 6 Corsair, Wilde or Rheinland lawful kills
      • 6 reports in message dump


Oberleutnant insignia

By the time a Red Hessian Army pilot reaches the rank of Oberleutnant, he is more than well aware of the acts of the Red Hessian movement, all in order to assure the flow of supplies to the cause. Becoming more cynical by the day, he nonetheless unquestioningly commands the raiding squads and diamond smuggling rackets within the Army, in order to assure the continued operation of the Hessian gears of war. But regardless of this, the pilot is still committed to what he believes is right. He regards his duties as but a necessary evil on his homeland's and his own way to freedom from fascism.

  • Bonus given:
    • Granted use of shared RHA cruiser accounts
    • Granted use of cruisers
  • Restrictions:
  • Requirements for promotion to Hauptmann:
    • Three of the following:
      • 10k Units of cargo pirated
      • 30k Blood Diamonds smuggled
      • 30 million credits pirated
      • 8 Corsair, Wilde or Rheinland lawful kills
      • 8 reports in message dump


Hauptmann insignia

A Red Hessian Army Hauptmann is a seasoned veteran, thinking in terms of long term strategy more so than morality. He is now a higher officer, and frequently takes command of the troops on the field in the absence of other, more experienced Hessian fighters and officers. He is a man not afraid -- and even used to pulling the trigger of a weapon directed at his enemies, not at all haunted by remorse for his actions nor his enemies. He is slowly becoming cold and calculated, a true hammer of the Volksrevolution, and that alone brings him respect among his fellow peers.

  • Bonus given:
    • Granted use of shared RHA battleship accounts
    • Granted use of battleships
  • Restrictions:
  • Requirements for promotion to Major:
    • All of the following:
      • Strong approval of Red Hessian Army revolutionary council
      • 10 more reports in message dump, 36 total
      • Helping set up and introduce at least 2 Rekruts to the Red Hessian Army (documented on the message dump)
      • Successfully setting up an event between RHA and another faction


Major insignia

A Major of the Red Hessian Army is a man who has proven to the whole movement that he has what it takes to lead the Hessian masses of displaced workers and miners to their inevitable victory. He now is a part of the group surrounding the Brigadegeneral himself, and knows by name all the great commanders of the movement. A Red Hessian Army Major is a man equally revered and feared by his men, mainly for his unparalleled effectiveness in battle and a devotion to the cause bordering on fanaticism. He participates in all important decisions of the group, and sometimes even the movement. His appearance on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy, as those who can comprehend it know full well that they are then facing the best of what their opponents have to offer.

  • Bonus given: Granted use of all assets available to the Red Hessian Army, granted a place on the RHA revolutionary council


Brigadegeneral insignia

A Brigadegeneral is an ideological and organisational commander within the Red Hessian Army. He plans the strategy, leads the recruitment and ensures the morale is high among the troops. He aids the Generalmajor in organising the Army. He writes the speeches and directs the propaganda videos. He ensures that all actions ordered by the command centre are carried out to the letter. All Brigadegenerals are appointed by the Generalmajor personally, and as such are a special rank.


Generalmajor insignia

The Generalmajor is the head figure of the Red Hessian Army. A notorious man, likely wanted for war crimes within Rheinland itself, he is a man who has mastered both strategy and politics, being able to ascend to the top of the ladder by the sheer force of his will, and the respect that his presence commands. Once a regular Hessian foot soldier, his tactical prowess lead him to command one of the most known wings of the Red Hessian movements. Although not seen much outside of the relative safety of the most secure Hessian bases, all are certain that any plan, any action or event that the Red Hessian Army carries out are all written out in detail and made possible by this very man, pulling the strings directly from headquarters itself. There can only be one Generalmajor in the RHA.

Achievement Definitions

Rheinland lawful
Member of MND, Rheinland Federal Polizei, Rheinland Military or security employee of one of Rheinland corportations.

Gathering a number of credits worth in materials or funds for the betterment of the cause (donated to armoury)
Funds should be gathered and donated to the armoury (the name of which is [RHA]RHT-Weimar) in the specified amount, the proof of which should be posted (with a screenshot) on the message dump.

At least a number of confirmed kills of a enemy ship type (faction only)
Proof of kill (the kill message) should be posted on the message dump, along with details of the fight.

Posted biography of character on the forums/wiki
A short biography and history of your character must be posted on the forums or wiki. (Example: Kaspar Meisnerr).

At least a number of confirmed assists in the destruction of hostile capital ships
The pilot must participate in the destruction of the specified number of enemy capital ships. It does not require the pilot to put in the finishing shot, only participation.

Confirmed transport of a number of units of Blood Diamonds to bases within Liberty
A message dump documented trip to a base in Liberty delivering a number of Blood Diamonds on a RHA tagged transport. Shared RHA transports on the support accounts can be used for this purpose.

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