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Little talk with Karl-Gerwald Schultz again but Got interrupted by a Zoner Patrol Q-ship in mid convocation

[04.06.2019 21:02:29] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Hello Robert.

[04.06.2019 21:02:42] Unmistakable: Well isn't it Karl *Robert gives a salute*

[04.06.2019 21:02:50] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: In flesh and skin.

[04.06.2019 21:03:00] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Tell me.

[04.06.2019 21:03:10] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: What brought you ahead of the fifty-eight hole.

[04.06.2019 21:03:53] Unmistakable: Just to find some work for the Light, but since you just jumped, I guess Could ask you *chuckles in a respected way*

[04.06.2019 21:04:07] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Besides the cargo I requested for, there is nothing else.

[04.06.2019 21:04:43] Unmistakable: Carful Karl *he gets warning lights as gets hit*

[04.06.2019 21:04:55] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: This Kreuzer is old.

[04.06.2019 21:05:03] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Occasional malfunctions happen.

[04.06.2019 21:05:11] Unmistakable: Yea, I guess the ship is old scrap metal hm?

[04.06.2019 21:05:30] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: *Karl nodded in anger* If you consider it a tin can how about you get one and have a showdown?

[04.06.2019 21:05:52] Unmistakable: NO don't please *as takes the saying back*

[04.06.2019 21:06:11] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Oder shipyard has the best engineers in whole of Sirius.

[04.06.2019 21:06:15] Unmistakable: *Karl hears in Robert's Voice his sorry for he said*

[04.06.2019 21:06:27] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Either way.

[04.06.2019 21:06:36] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Await our calling.

[04.06.2019 21:06:42] Unmistakable: yea, I seen with my own two eyes when a mate wanted me to come with them to the dealers on Oder Shipyard

[04.06.2019 21:06:49] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Aha.

[04.06.2019 21:07:13] Unmistakable: Is there anything going on within the agency?

[04.06.2019 21:07:26] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: I am not part of the Buro anymore.

[04.06.2019 21:07:33] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: You know that.

[04.06.2019 21:07:49] Unmistakable: Oh right, my bad

[04.06.2019 21:08:07] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: All the info that was on this ship when it was 'kidnapped' is still here.

[04.06.2019 21:08:08] Unmistakable: This head of mine i swear.. is gonna get me killed one day within the humans or you call.. Metal skins too

[04.06.2019 21:08:14] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: But further one, isn't here anymore.

[04.06.2019 21:08:25] Unmistakable: I see

[04.06.2019 21:08:26] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: As it was shut off access to the database until further verifications.

[04.06.2019 21:08:40] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: And the reports officially pose us now as under Enlightened contorl.

[04.06.2019 21:08:50] Unmistakable: I got some infomation for you you might be interested in Karl..

[04.06.2019 21:08:55] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Which is>

[04.06.2019 21:08:56] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: ?

[04.06.2019 21:09:11] Unmistakable: no no i say over intercom

[04.06.2019 21:09:37] Unmistakable: I was talking to this Core the other day, They seem annoyed at the Ai robots more then the Light *laughs*

[04.06.2019 21:09:52] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Eh, I myself don't support AI either.

[04.06.2019 21:10:06] Unmistakable: Thats fine, between us. Me either

[04.06.2019 21:10:06] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: And believe me, the Light is a concern bigger than some autonomous toasters. [04.06.2019 21:10:30] Unmistakable: That I been seeing a lot of lately

[04.06.2019 21:10:56] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Contact.

[04.06.2019 21:11:09] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Q-Ship class.

[04.06.2019 21:11:13] Zeppelin: What is a Rheinlander doing here?

[04.06.2019 21:11:18] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: None of your business.

[04.06.2019 21:11:27] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: And what are you doing close to fifty-eight?

[04.06.2019 21:11:54] Zeppelin: Why is a Rheinlander asking me in a Zoner-System?

[04.06.2019 21:12:14] Zeppelin: And to hones, i don't know, what is 58...

[04.06.2019 21:12:23] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: I am reffering to Omega-58.

[04.06.2019 21:12:39] Zeppelin: Ist it a Rheinland-System?

[04.06.2019 21:12:44] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: No.

[04.06.2019 21:12:59] Zeppelin: So, what do you want?

[04.06.2019 21:13:03] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: But the Buro has teams in there.

[04.06.2019 21:13:10] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: For purposes I cannot disclose to you.

[04.06.2019 21:13:12] Zeppelin: Ok.

[04.06.2019 21:13:24] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: So I will warn you one more time, turn around at once or you will be taken as a threat to the Buro's oper-

[04.06.2019 21:13:30] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: ations and terminated.

[04.06.2019 21:13:47] Zeppelin: coll don, Rheinlander.

[04.06.2019 21:14:02] Zeppelin: This is our System!

[04.06.2019 21:14:15] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: And you're officially in the range of the fifty-eight hole. Turn around at once.

[04.06.2019 21:14:23] Zeppelin: If you say, that Omega 58 is your turf, ok.

[04.06.2019 21:14:44] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Torpedoes primed. Final warning.

[04.06.2019 21:14:52] Zeppelin: But in Theta, you won't say me, where i have to go and where not!

[04.06.2019 21:15:09] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Then, I am affraid your fate is sealed.

[04.06.2019 21:15:14] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Official report will be written.

[04.06.2019 21:15:26] Zeppelin: You are really want that i'll make a Report to you commander, don't you?

[04.06.2019 21:15:34] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: I am the one making it.

[04.06.2019 21:15:43] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Out of this showdown only one will leave alive now.

[04.06.2019 21:15:54] Zeppelin: Better you leave now...

[04.06.2019 21:16:01] Unmistakable: *stays quiet and listens to music*

[04.06.2019 21:16:02] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: You mean that you leave.

[04.06.2019 21:16:21] Zeppelin: I won't leave this System! It my Home!

[04.06.2019 21:16:33] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: I said to get out of this area, and you did not.

[04.06.2019 21:16:46] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: And enough of this chit-talk.

[04.06.2019 21:16:53] Zeppelin: And if you think, you can do aganin, what teh Bretonian Scum can do, you are defently wron!

[04.06.2019 21:17:04] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Aha, I have no doubts.

[04.06.2019 21:17:15] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: We are a force of might, you don't compare us to tea sippers.

[04.06.2019 21:17:29] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Enough of this now, all hands to emergency stations!

[04.06.2019 21:17:40] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: You chose this yourself.

[04.06.2019 21:17:57] Zeppelin: I will gibe you tea, Beer, or what else you want, but respect that Omicron Theta is our System!

[04.06.2019 21:17:59] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Destroy this thing.

[04.06.2019 21:18:08] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: I don't have a respect for things like you.

[04.06.2019 21:19:18] Death: Zeppelin was put out of action by RNC-Albtraum|Aoi (Gun).

[04.06.2019 21:19:22] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Target down.

[04.06.2019 21:19:24] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Threat secured.

[04.06.2019 21:19:34] Unmistakable: Confirmed

[04.06.2019 21:19:48] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: It is about time we return now.

[04.06.2019 21:19:54] Unmistakable: They will be warned about our presents, orders?

[04.06.2019 21:20:10] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Just leave and await my calling for the next convoy.

[04.06.2019 21:20:12] Unmistakable: I may not got permisison to engarge but i dont care less about a selfish human

[04.06.2019 21:20:17] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Don't go into fifty-eight, remember the drones.

[04.06.2019 21:20:33] Unmistakable: Oh right.. the Drones dont know my respect yet *hits head*

[04.06.2019 21:20:49] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Rest asure we won't be far.

[04.06.2019 21:20:57] Unmistakable: before u do?

[04.06.2019 21:21:02] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Hm?

[04.06.2019 21:21:28] RNC-Albtraum|Aoi: Don't worry, you just get the cargo to Bornholm and I will take it from there my own ways.

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