Karl-Gerwald Schultz

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Karl-Gerwald Schultz
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Captain of the Albtraum
Gender Male
Height 178 cm
Weight 95 Kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Affiliation The Wild
Status Alive and well. Officially M.I.A.
Born 15th of January, 792 A.S.


Karl was born in 792 A.S. in a modest family on Planet New Berlin. His dad was working for Republican Shipping, and his mother for the Polizei. His dad kept trying to orient him towards becoming a trader, but Karl seemed to be very interested in the job his mom was practicing. As soon as he was 18 years old, he applied straight for the MND. His application was approved, but his dad seemed disappointed about it while his mom was thrilled. Karl went to training, and in 1 year he proved to be skilled enough to fly a battlecruiser. Unfortunately, about 1 year after his promotion to the position of cruiser captain, his ship was ambushed by a wing of Hessian bombers, his pod rescued by a nearby trader fortunate enough to pass by, leaving him on Oder Shipyard. He worked there as a ship designer and inspector for 4 years, until one day when he had once again a cruiser to fly, namely the RNC-Albtraum. Freshly assigned by the MND to guard Rheinland's restricted areas such as the Westerwald and Thuringia, Karl exceled in his work, with only minor breaks. One day, a ship entered Thuringia, making Karl order the crew of the cruiser to start chasing it. That decision sealed every crew member of the Albtraum's fate. The cruiser was struck by a EMP torpedo in a nebula in the center of Thuringia, killing several crew members and injuring others. A distress call was sent, and pilots of The Wild re-directed the call to them, shortly dispatching false rescue teams shortly after. Wild pilots were discovered once they came aboard, and after the bloody battle was over, Karl was found hiding in one of the armories, shortly being infected after.


Karl plays like a phantom, coming out of nowhere when least expected, striking swiftly and bringing terror into the hearts of all Rheinlanders. Rumor has it that barely several ships can take down him and his crew along with his cruiser, the RNC-Albtraum


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Individuals Relationship
Robert Vaugrenard
Trusted individual; Close friend
Ibrahim Salzar
Trusted associate, comrade
Pablo Alvarez
Trusted associate, comrade
The Commune
Everyone Else
Other Intelligence agencies
At war
Rheinland's enemies
At war
The Order
At war
The Core
At war
Zoner Velvet Wing
"I will tear you one by one all by myself."