Roger Thompson

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Roger Thompson
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Junkers
Born October 9 778 A.S., Beaumont Base
Died Still Alive


Roger Thompson is a very social person and has subsequently made many connections with other people. His is known to be found of the cooking of Karl Kürbis of the LWB, and often orders food to be delivered to Kreuzberg from the man. He also enjoyings visiting Holmfirth Base, despite tensions with the Gaians, because it has a reputation (according to him) of having the "tastiest coffee this side of the Walker Nebula".

He also enjoys long walks on the beach, finding repairable engine components in destroyed ships, shooting Xenos, and wondering if he should grow a mustache.


Early Life

Roger Thompson grew up on Beaumont Base with his brothers Jack and Tom. The three spent much of their time salvaging scrap from around Liberty. The made a good trio: Roger was the talkative one, able to stall the authorities if need be; Jack was the engineering genius, able to re-purpose most of what they found; Tom was the expert pilot, having downed many Xenos in his CSV.

After a couple years of this, the brothers grew a bit bored with Liberty (though there is a rumor by One-Eyed Jack (no relation to Jack Thompson) that they left to get away from the law) and branched out into Bretonia. This brought with it many new challenges: red ships to hide from, different kinds of scrap, and, of course, an interesting combination of people living on Trafalgar. Unfortunately for Tom, he learned just how much Outcasts and Corsairs hate each other when he was caught in the crossfire of a firefight between a Corsair and an Outcast.

All was not bad news despite this. Roger, thinking ahead, had purchased a very large life insurance policy on the three of them. From this, they cashed in well. In fact, they earned enough to purchase an Armored Transport, with most of its armor intact. The other good news came in the form of Jessica White, who would later become Jessica Thompson when she married Jack.

With the combined force of the Thompson and White clans' fortunes (two-thirds of an Armored Transport and a couple CSVs), nothing could stand in their way!

The Oneiropolis

Jack and Jessica Thompson, both excellent engineers, set to work attempting to weld all their combined ships together. In the end, they were successful, and formed the basis for what they would later call the Oneiropolis.

At the same time, Roger and Clark White - his new brother-in-law - set out to expand their collective fortune. Through several shrewed business moves, and many lucky hands at poker, they were able to raise enough capital to truly start shipping real cargo. Finding that the authorities tended to dislike some of the more exotic deliveries their associates would order, they purchased a small shipping firm from Dan McKay to cover their tracks. This was successful for a time, but eventually the group found they were able to succeed without the cover. They proceeded to trade the shipping company's assets to the Green Front for most of a Hegemon and a nice chunk of credits.

Free from their Bretonian connections, Roger Thompson and the Oneiropolis set their sights to the horizon.


Using the majority of the mining ship they had acquired, Jack went to work creating an outer shell for their ship - properly able to be called a Salvager at this point - to give them some cover along the borderworlds. Setting up shop at Kreuzberg Depot in New Berlin, the ship began to make regular journeys to supply each with needed goods, as well as purchasing the occasional cargo of goods that just happened to be found floating in space.

In time, Clark White and Anke Schmidt of Kreuzberg decided to salvage together, expanding the clan further. Around this time, Roger Thompson was given the position of Director of Rheinland Operations for The Junkers Congress.


Roger and his extended family hope to continue the success they are currently enjoying. Rumors of Gallia have also crossed his ears, and he hopes to someday move into their markets, as well.