Ronneburg Base

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Ronneburg Base
Meinhoff class Asteroid Base
Ronneburg Base.jpg
Hessianlogo.png Red Hessians
4E, Omega-5
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population Unknown

Ronneburg is the name of a Red Hessian base located near the infamous Hammen Hole in Omega-5. Functioning almost solely as a resupply and repair station, it is known among the ranks of the Hessians as "the last gate to hell".

Originally founded in 724 A.S. (before the beginning of the actual Hessian - Corsair conflict) Ronneburg was a base composed of a few asteroids joined together to create a strong outer crust, while still allowing for an installation to be built within. Originally, the point of this was to protect the base against collisions with other, nearby rocks. Ronneburg was to become a major staging point for Hessian raids into Omega-3 and Omega-7. The Omega-5 system, although without any clear purpose or resources, contained abnormal amounts of jump hole anomalies leading to all across southern Sirius. Such a crossroads system was immediately recognised as being extremely valuable for the purposes of launching supply raids further and further away from the Dresden system.

When the Corsairs began their all out assault on Hessian bases in 740 A.S., Ronneburg was quickly established as the very frontline, and the focal point of the Hessian defence until a few years later, when the Corsair offensive had lost the initiative, and the Hessians successfully managed to push the attackers back towards their own base in the system. For the next seventy years a nigh constant string of conflicts would rage on between the two bases, obliterating men, ships and asteroids alike, slowly clearing a large empty area in-between the bases which eventually became known as the Hammen Hole. Strong defensive lines created by both sides on either side of the Hole quickly brought the war to a stalemate, as neither side was strong enough to breach each other's defences. Battles would still rage on in the middle, with both sides sending small raiding parties to distant Jump Holes. A careful, if not terrible, balance would be achieved at the cost of hundreds of lives lost in this drawn out war. Despite all this, Ronneburg still serves as the most important defensive point and supply base for the Hessians in the distant Omega systems, particularly for raiding parties and convoys heading to the Casablanca and Viernheim bases in Omega-47.

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