Sarcelles Shipping Facility

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Sarcelles Shipping Facility
StV.D-18 class Station
Sarcelles Shipping Facility.png
IDF Logo.png IDF Shipping
5F, Ile-de-France
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 720

Ile-de-France Shipping was founded in 501 A.G.S. . As a shipping company that specializes in space cargo transportation, the company considered establishing headquarters in space rather than planetside to be a major benefit. IDF's Board of Directors chose the location one Trade Lane run away from the Berry Jump Gate. Construction of the station that was named Sarcelles took five years to complete, and in 506 A.G.S. it was officially opened. In years to come, it was rebuilt and expanded several times to match an increasing amount of IDF shipments heading through Sarcelles to and from the Gallic Border Worlds.

The First Gallic War was a disaster for many small shipping companies, especially those heavily involved with Normandy region trade. IDF focused on the Core Worlds and Border Worlds instead. Backed by the government and supported by EFL Oil and Machinery, IDF currently controls a vast portion of civilian shipments across the Gallic house space, and has a practical monopoly on exporting goods to Sirius. Sarcelles is still considered the headquarters of the company, but not many board members and chief officers choose to live and work there. Despite the best efforts of IDF designers, living on Planet New Paris is much more comfortable. IDF Shipping owns a small island near Ile du Palais where a large "office city" was constructed to serve as the company's actual headquarters and most of its top employees live and work there.

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