Sesan Base

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Sesan Base
Unknown class Station
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The Wild
E/F7, Sigma-21
Technical Data
Gravity Unknown
Docking bays Unknown
Amenities Unknown
Crew Unknown

Sesan Base is intended to be nestled carefully out of reach in the until-recently-undiscovered system of Sigma-21, and as such was the first base set up here. The system was discovered by a Kusari Naval Forces expedition operating out of Honshu in 814 A.S., but unfortunately for them, a member of their wing was affiliated the Aoi Iseijin of Tohoku, and they perished within before relaying their discovery back to the then-Empire.

Estimating correctly that this system would be discovered again by humans and become a thoroughfare once that happened, the Iseijin laid plans for Sesan. They designed it to be both an observation outpost and a secluded retreat. For many years, unmarked shipments with unknown cargoes were brought to this place, preceding official colonial discovery. Now that Humanity finally 'found' Sigma-21 in 823 A.S., the station is fully prepared to initiate then preserve chaos and mayhem among them. The scope of the station has vastly expanded, having a collection old Chimaeras with both Imperial and Republican transponders ready launch and target traffic without mercy. These infested units then fade into the Nebula, taking advantage of their superior knowledge of the system to avoid all pursuit.

Most convoys targeted by Sesan’s wings are simply destroyed, their cargoes vaporized or left to float in the void of space. But some specific convoys are disabled and captured instead, their cargo and crew hauled back to Sesan to an unknown fate.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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