Shadowhaven Station

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Removed alongside with Cayman in 4.90.1

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Shadowhaven Station
Utopia class Station
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CoalitionArms.png Coalition
5D, Cayman
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 1,640

Formerly the most heavily guarded and heavily populated area within the Cayman system, Shadowhaven is a massive starbase orbiting Planet Braillia that once served as both the main command center for the Reapers, as well as a sanctuary for almost it entire civilian population. Due its enormous size and previous population, its life support systems were continually stressed requiring supplies of water and oxygen to be continually brought up and purified from the sterile planet below. Nevertheless, life on the station was comfortable. The fusion generators in tandem with a large solar panel array provided enough energy to run the stations numerous systems and factories without compromising its defenses

Despite its defensive array and status as the heart of the Reapers, Shadowhaven was a priority target of the Coalition during the invasion of Cayman, launching a massive assault against the station which cost the attacking fleet enormously. Shadowhaven itself sustained heavy damage, as the last vestige of the Reapers fought tooth and nail to protect their home from the Coalition invaders. A number of valuable warships and their crews were lost to its defensive array before a successful breach was made.

Despite their victory in the battle for Shadowhaven, the Coalition cannot rest. Construction crews are working around the clock to bring the stations defenses back online while a small defensive fleet patrols continually, fearful of an attack by the opportunistic Corsair Empire prowling on their flank.

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