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Sigma-17 System

Sigma 17 is a Sigma-Border Worlds system that lies outside the Sigma-19. The system is known for the amount of Alien Organisms, and have attracted at least two corporations, Samura Heavy Industries and Cryer Pharmaceuticals, to establish bases there. The sole jump gate is located at the Northeast side of the system, and connects the Sigma 19 system.

On the criminal side, the Corsairs and the Outcasts frequent both bases, and are constantly harassing the Atka Research Station.

The Zoners had previously established a base in the system, Freeport 7, which was destroyed during the Nomad events of 800 AS. Its ruins can still be found.

In 824 AS the GMG started an invasion of Kurile ans captured the planet from Samura. Now is Sigma 17 almost completly in GMG's hands, but the Samura loyal Hogosha & Farmers Alliance still attacks the GMG.

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Planet Kurile
Inhabited by GMG

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Areas of Interest


Trinary-Star System

Sigma-17 is noteworthy as being a rare instance of a trinary-star system in the Sirius Sector. The stars are one medium and two dwarfs (Green, green and blue, respectively).


Kunashir Cloud


An outcropping of the Edge Nebula, Kunashir is unique in that it hides a planet within its foreboding depths: Kurile. Initially discovered by the Gas Mining Guild (GMG), it was abandoned for its lack of useful resources and later claimed by Samura. Samura is engaged in a long-term research project to find commercial applications for Kurile's one form of native life, already proven useful in Junyo's fish-farming operations. Frequent Corsair and Outcast attacks have in no way diminished Samura's interest.

Nemuro Dust Field

A large field of fine particulate matter. Atka Station, an outpost of Cryer Pharmaceuticals, was constructed here to study the varieties of organic life found in the nebula.

Ruins of Freeport 7

In the system are the remains of Freeport 7, which was destroyed at the beginning of the Nomad War.

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