Bounty Hunters Guild

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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Bounty Hunters Guild (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Bounty Hunters Guild ID.

Bounty Hunters Guild
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Alignment Independent
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Planet Houston, Texas
Primary role
Fulfilling bounty contracts
Secondary role
Escorting corporate entities

The Bounty Hunters Guild is declared as an organisation operating mostly in Liberty and Bretonia, dedicated to providing a broad array of security and assassination oriented services for a reasonable fee all across Sirius.


The Guild (as it is simply referred to by most) is a commercial group formed mostly out of former criminals and lawbreakers, dedicated to making money by hunting down known terrorists and outlaws for the promise of easy money. Originating from the formerly institutionalised masses of Houston, the Guild has managed to effectively spread it's business all across Liberty, Bretonia, southern Rheinland, a part of the largely xenophobic Kusari and even the vastly dangerous Edge Worlds, drawing in the shunned and the exiled from all walks of life.


In 801 A.S, the Bounty Hunters were chasing "Edison Trent" and "Junko Zane", as they were on the run at this time.

Known Bases


Faction Relationship
House police
The Order
At War
At War