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The Easiest Method

As of September 2009, the easiest method of making a commodity is to use Chris Shake's Commodity Wiki Code Generator. It has everything you need, except images and legal status.

  • Select the commodity you wish to update.
  • Select Wikitext format.
  • Click on the "Commodities Sell Locations" button.
  • Copy and paste the output onto selected Commodities page.


Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

Please include a picture of the commodity. Images should be uploaded in the .jpg or .gif format.


Legal Status

The legal status has to be done manually.

==Legal Status==
*{{House Link|Liberty|long}} - Illegal
*{{House Link|Rheinland|long}} - Illegal
*{{House Link|Bretonia|long}} - Illegal
*{{House Link|Kusari|long}} - Illegal
*{{House Link|Outcasts|long}} - Legal
*{{House Link|Corsairs|long}} - Legal
*{{House Link|Gallia|long}} - Unknown