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Bases, Stations and Facilities

Newark Station
Chasins class Station
Newark Station.jpg
Interspace Commerce
C4, New York
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 5,000

Bases, Stations and Facilities feature prolifically in Discovery. Example Page: Newark Station


Here is the template for the bases in Discovery.

{{Base Infobox
| name = Newark Station
| image = Newark Station.jpg
| class = Chasins
| type = STATION
| system = [[New York]]
| sector = C4
| house = {{House Link | Liberty}}
| owner = [[Interspace Commerce]]
| gravity = Complete
| docking = Yes
| amenities = Yes
| population = 5,000

The type parametre can be one of these choices:

  • ASTEROID_BASE -- For asteroid bases
  • STATION -- For normal stations and bases
  • SHIPYARD -- For shipyard bases
  • FREEPORT -- For freeports
  • BATTLESHIP -- For stationary battleships


Images of Bases or Stations are to be uploaded in .jpg format. If you don't know how to do this, please ask someone to do it for you, or contact someone who can do it. Alex, Space and Xiphos are three people who can. Image example specs:


Here are some suggested headings for the Base or station pages.

  • Commodities - The commodities lists
== Commodities==


Here are some commodity boxes for you to list the commodities that are sold and bought from the bases.

*[[Scrap Metal]]



The infoboxes now automatically categorise bases based on the base type inputted. Additional categories may be inserted to assign a base to an area of space such as:

[[Category: Liberty]]

An other additional category may be added to assign the base to the category of the faction it belongs to such as"

[[Category: Interspace Commerce]]