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Takada Shipyard
Koyama class Shipyard
Takada Shipyard.png
ChrysanthemumLogo.png Golden Chrysanthemums Guard
6G, Tau-65
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 2K

The Takada Shipyard building project began in 713 A.S., using the stolen blueprints of Yokohama Shipyard, although due to financial and material shortages it was never finished until 725 A.S. Built in orbit of the planet Kitahara, the shipyard was designed to handle the testing of finalised prototype ships designs and construction of actual ships for use by the Golden Chrysanthemums and their allies. Several designs for heavy fighters were tested here, although most were eventually scrapped, due to being unable to compete with existing fighters constructed by the Kusari Naval Forces.

Most of the Sisterhood's ship repair facilities are located at Takada, and a number of Outcast engineers also reside onboard the station to assist in keeping the organisation's ships at an operational status. A number of docking berths for capital class vessels were also constructed as part of the shipyard, for although the Golden Chrysanthemums do not have many warships, many of their allies do, and some often call at Takada for repairs.

A large amount of the materials for the shipyard production lines come from freighters hijacked across Kusari, although there are small mining operations on the planet below, with captured prisoners working the mines. The shipyard also serves as an important way station for traffic between the planet and the other bases within the system, although vessels approaching the shipyard should check their IFF to ensure it is up to date as the various weapon platforms, Sisterhood patrols and active minefields are not very forgiving of unauthorised intruders.

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