The Slomon K'Hara

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Nomads

The Slomon K'Hara
Affiliation Nomads
Alignment Other
Date of founding -2,000,000 A.S.
Founder(s) Treewyrm
Current leader(s) Moveit56
Base of operations Dur-Shurrikun, Omicron Iota
Primary role
Secondary role

The Slomon K'Hara player faction represent the Nomads faction at Discovery RP 24/7 server. It's a restricted type faction with limited recruitment policy and strict code of conduct.


The Slomon K’Hara are remnant forces of the Nomad fleets in Sirius that survived the events of the Nomad War.

Intelligence reports on The Slomon K’Hara are sparse and unverified. As for the military strength some say that The Slomon K’Hara aren't strong enough to pose a threat while others say the opposite. The truth likely lies in between, but with no telling what they're up to and how much resources they actually have at their disposal there is no way to know with any certainty.

The Nomads are the only alien species humans have ever had any contact with, as such they are of great interest to the wide range of academics who thrive to find out more about them and their technology.

The name is said to have derived from the Order operatives who had encountered them first, likely referring to their behavior of scavenging for lost artifacts, technology and their tendency to keep these things away for their own use.


After the events of the Nomad War, the Order had it's attention drawn to other matters, such as forging alliances with other factions and being dragged into more political matters. The surviving Nomads quietly returned to their last untouched system on the outskirts of the Sirius sector, a system now known as Omicron Iota. The Slomon K’Hara remained in Omicron Iota and adjacent systems for some time, protected by unstable jumpholes that humans either could not use or were simply afraid to. There they started to rebuild their infrastructure and began to search for survivors in order to reunite what little had remained of their initial fleets.

After the Nomad War and until fairly recently the Nomads have remained unseen. Occasionally they appeared in inconsistent reports from various sources indicating the threat the Order sought to eliminate remains still active to this day.

In truth The Slomon K’Hara had simply remained dormant for years, hiding away from the prying eyes and somewhat dulled sight of Order agents who were caught in the turmoil between the warring houses and factions of Sirius. Using this distraction to their advantage The Slomon K’Hara were able to gather the remnants of their kind to attempt to restore the telepathic network - a crucial element to their survival.

The Nomads were forced to settle on the inhospitable icy world of Planet Xerna in Omicron Iota. In order to adapt to the harsh environment the Nomads built an underground complex that would keep them safe for years. Here, the majority of them rested until the right moment came. While the others rested, a small group of nomads constructed a great city in space that would also serve as a fortress capable of withstanding the onslaught of many fleets.

In 815 AS this city was completed and Planet Xerna was finally abandoned in favor of a much more suitable place that would fit the Nomads' needs and finally allow them to awaken those that once slept deep beneath the planetary crust of Planet Xerna.


The Slomon K’Hara seem to seek technological advancement. Newer forms of their vessels were reported in the field, for example the notorious Nomad Assassin as well as their equivalent to bomber class ship. New developments were seen in weaponry too, including homing energy projectiles reminiscent of human missile launchers and the fearsome Singularity Cannon. But perhaps the most interesting concept is the twisted form of shields they have adapted throughout the years. While Order scientists weren't able to fully understand the technology it is theorized that these shields, or veils, are able to project a strong lattice of micro-organisms at will, protecting the outer membranes from being hit both by energy and conventional projectiles.


A distinctive trait of The Slomon K’Hara is the ability to communicate with humans via telepathy. Crude and rudimentary such contacts are sometimes very difficult to understand. It's a known fact among the inhabitants of Edge worlds and the houses, such as Liberty, that military typically classify such individuals who were found having contacts and are often taken into custody, rumored to share gruesome fate.

Normally they fall into two categories. Mental storm is the most common form when a subject is experiencing thoughts originating externally. It is said some who have experienced them have become insane. Scientists consider them dangerous to psyche. The second form of communication is an ability to project strange dream-like visions. While only a handful few were ever recorded they caught attention of academics trying to analyze and pull out some sense out of the descriptions given to them by those who experienced these visions. Some of these visions are thought to contain threatening messages, whilst the others, surprisingly, are taking the opposite approach. Duality nature of these visions has yet to be explained. The mysterious nature has led skeptics to doubt if these visions were anything but human fantasies caused by psychological trauma of having a contact with the aliens.


Different factions who had contacts with the Nomads have each made their own impressions as to what the aliens are up to, although the Nomads themselves have remained tightly quiet about their motives and reasons, mostly leaving it to the humans to make their own theories, often controversial and wild rumors.

Whether they are true or not remains to be seen, while those who had telepathic contacts with The Slomon K’Hara and lived after have made their own impressions.


Much like their predecessors relied on stealth and subterfuge The Slomon K’Hara have made an extra step towards their goals. Normal means by infestation has been slowed substantially by having most houses alerted to the Nomads' presence. Instead of having humans infested they have spent years slowly building a group of believers and found individuals allying with them for wide range of reasons. These humans, known only as Specters, serve as eyes and ears inside the houses and factions sharing information with their masters, allowing them to stay elusive and one step ahead.


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