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The Shrine
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Astronomical research over the years has identified many star systems. Using the Solar System as a template and applying computer technology dating back to software used on the sleeper ships, alot of the planets amongst the stars have been discovered. But sometimes certain formations are overlooked. Abnormalities that don't identify as a functioning planetary orbits can lead astronomers to ignore some of the deep corners of space. Protocal for navigational computers; stationary and on board; tells the interface to register these sytems as 'Unknown' or 'Unknown Space'. As a result, any mass, objects or even unnatural structures within that system will be registered with an 'Unknown' prefix.

Since the disappearance of many pilots; both civilian and affiliated; factions began to send patrols into the depths of Kansas to recover their pilots. With extensive searches lasting weeks and sometimes months many were never found. So then people started turning their eyes to the blank corners surrounding the Kansas system. So far a few stars have been discovered as potential star systems and the final destination of their wingmen. But further research is yet to be done to verify the chances of each one being capable of housing a jump hole's gravitation anomaly. Further searches into the Tuttle Creek Nebula in Kansas have recovered nothing in terms of a jump hole or gate so far.

Many rumours have spread about the nebula and it's hidden secrets of disappearing pilots. Many men have their own theories of what lies beyond the Tuttle Creek Nebula and some have even claimed to have discovered the new system. They come back with their own stories to tell to the curious and superstitious, but are usually discarded as madmen. Most of them end up in asylums or institutions, but amongst the most superstitious of the men who listened, they remember these words especially when flying through the Tuttle Creek Nebula;

The Emerald City is made of Amethyst; Theres a Wicked Witch in the North.

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