Tiffany Brockhouse

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This is an Liberty Police Character Owned and Played by: SmokesDen.

Tiffany "Roses" Brockhouse
Tiffany brockhouse.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5 Foot 11
Weight 68 Kgs / 150 LBs
Affiliation Unknown
Status Alive and Well
Born 800 A.S.


Tiffany's past isn't that good or was that bad either, since way she grew up with her Father and Step Mother, who she always got very well along with since a young age when her mother been killed away from an bank hostage break within liberty's Main Bank on Planet Manhattan. When she was not even two years old, she was shown really Hyperactive and athletic for her age at the same time from moment she began to walk and shown strong interest in Sports and Gymnastics with reading on the relaxing moments.

Moments during her schooling, She began to show her interest in ways none others which may make the teachers think she might be a Hyper active disordered child, but there wasn't any signs in her records resulting this since she always moving yet rarely read books. She was somehow picked it up faster then other people her age or older by a short shot.

When she began to attend Planet Manhattan University years down the track. To start learning Law enforcement classes, Some of the class mates began to get easily jealous of her due to her everyday life on always keeping ahead of the class mates and always getting her assignments done, always on time and never is late to class for the whole course.

While she was there, she saw a few classmates that looks cute and hot, but she always kept it to herself. Mean while during the moments she getting, she began to show less and less attention to her class teacher that shown she began to fall behind really quick. Somehow she always manages to every time, bring it up to speed since she to focused on the guys she liked to much which got the teacher annoyed and her parents.

Shortly after Graduating her classes, she shortly began to look around for a place that may show her interest in been active yet looking healthy Career. But she began to look mostly into becoming an Liberty Police Officer for some time since she began to help, during schooling with doing some Community service with the police that's stationed on the planet with small jobs given by the officers she helped with during the experience she been thru, in which she personally loved and keeps her happy.

Ships flown

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Personal Guardian


Faction Relationship
Liberty Police
Liberty Navy
Liberty Corporations
Liberty Security Force
Bounty Hunter Guild
Bretonia Lawful
Crayter Republic
Everyone else
Alien Believers
Gallia Navy Enclave
Unlawful + Pirates
Nomad forces
At war
At war