Tinos Outpost

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Tinos Outpost
Claridad class Asteroid Base
Tinos Outpost.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
B3, Omicron Xi
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 120

Deep within the Andros Field, Tinos Relay was established shortly after the system was discovered by the Corsairs in 786 A.S., originally intended to act as the watchtower at one of the furthermost frontiers of the Corsair Empire. Tinos' purpose was adjusted with the construction of Syros and the deployment of the Battleship Delos to Omicron Xi, to act as a relay station for communications and patrols between them and Crete. After discovery of unknown hostiles in the Aegean Nebulae, an experimental satellite monitoring system was put in place, with sensor satellites deployed across the system to give warning of any incursion. With telemetry relayed back from these satellites to Tinos, the station is able to distribute this intelligence to all other bases and allied vessels in the system, providing both whereabouts and tactical data about the perceived threat.

Fortuitously, this same satellite monitoring system has been of great aid in confining Rheinland Military operations to the southwestern solar end of the system. As Tinos directly controls the data received from the Satellites, the loss of the Relay to Rheinland would be catastrophic for Corsair control of the system. The Corsairs are fully aware of this threat, with patrols from Battleship Delos constantly swarming the field.

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Heavy Fighter
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