Syros Shipyard

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Syros Shipyard
Herreria class Shipyard
Syros Shipyard.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
C5, Omicron Xi
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 300

Syros was a project undertaken by the Corsairs in 802 A.S., overseen by one of Crete's powerful military families. Originally intended to act primarily as the base of operations for forces in the area, the station was later expanded to include a drydock. Syros has been dubbed a shipyard since then, acting as a primary service and repair facility for many Osiris, Legate, and now Murmillo-class Battleships for fleets operating in the upper Omicrons and Sigmas. Following Delos' deployment to Omicron Xi, Syros Shipyard was expanded to include a secondary drydock, making the station formidable in terms of capacity, but despite its size, historically the construction of new vessels has rarely taken place at Syros. This is in part due to the difficulty of transporting raw materials to the base, as well as its strategic position.

In advent of suddenly finding itself flanked and vulnerable in the face of the encroaching Rheinland Military, the families of Crete relocated an additional one hundred crew to kick the facility into desperate overdrive. Production is inefficient, and the cost of lives manning the frequently-raided facility has increased dramatically as the weathering attacks take their toll.

After extensive damage was done to the base, crippling its life support systems and forcing the Corsairs to shut down the reactor core, the RNC Schwerin and her battlegroup were ordered to withdraw to the Munich system to consolidate Rheinland's forces in light of escalating tensions in the Crow nebula theater. The Corsairs now work to restore Syros to its former capacity, though timeline is not optimistic.

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