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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Unioners
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Die Reichsarbeitergesellschaft der Rheinland Arbeiterbewegung
Unioners Logo.png
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Affiliation Unioners
Alignment Unlawful
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 512 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Hansel Garen von Himmel
Base of operations Pacifica Base, Bering
Primary ID Unioners ID
IFF Unioners
Tag(s) UN|
Primary role
Bias the popular revolution towards the extreme right of Rheinland politics by undermining the Bundschuh and the influence of Foreign powers.

The Unioners are an unusually influential criminal syndicate of political agitators, Rheinlandic and Libertonian Separatists, pirates, and gangsters, descended from displaced Republican shipping workers from the fall of the Rheinland Empire. The Unioners wish to return Rhineland to the hardline protectionist labour policies of before and during the eighty years war, whilst manipulating the predominantly anarchist popular revolution to their own syndicalist objectives. They attempt to destroy the trade corridors between Rheinland, Liberty and Kusari.