Vendome Residence

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Vendome Residence
Ronsard class Station
Vendome Residence.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Police
6D, Orleanais
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 260

Vendome Residence was the first grand project of King Richard V started at the time when he was the heir to the throne, in 570 A.G.S. . The residence was completed in 575 A.G.S., two years after Richard was crowned as the King of Gallia. Vendome was intended as Richard's present to his wife, Dutchess Cecile de Piney. However, during the five years that passed, the King grew increasingly cold with his spouse, and the fact had an impact on the Vendome construction budget that ended up being significantly smaller than originally planned. Cecile herself was never particularly interested in space travels and never visited Vendome.

Vendome was converted into a mixture of a luxury hotel for space tourists and a place of exile for disfavored members of the Royal court. Later it regained its status of a Royal residence, but never played an important role for most of the monarchs of Gallia. High maintainance costs that serve a station with no particular purpose gave rise to multiple discussions in Parliament, but funding of the station was never cut. Parts of it were converted into a museum of the space exploration of Gallia. It remains in orbit of Planet Blouis, and is occasionally visited by the court and groups of tourists staying on Blouis. The tourists are often left astonished by the beauty of its interiors: large, gorgeous, and utterly useless.

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