Washington Shipyard

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Washington Shipyard
Grounder class Shipyard
Washington Shipyard.jpg
Flag-liberty.png Liberty Navy Guard
7E, Virginia
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 760

Washington Shipyard was initially a much smaller station called San Jacinto, a small waystation and supply depot that Liberty had used during the initial stages of development in Virginia. Established in 787 A.S., the station was virtually abandoned once Richmond was completed. It was not until the start of tensions with Rheinland that the station would see new use.

Liberty, like all houses, suffered losses during the Nomad Wars. In 813 A.S., as tensions with Rheinland started to mount, it realised it was not ready for a full scale inter-house conflict. Its sovereignty threatened, the Liberty Navy was given the task to prepare for a possible war - the Liberty Security Force had determined Rheinland was rearming itself rapidly. The Juneau and Norfolk yards did not have enough capacity to both repair damaged ships and produce sufficient new ones at the same time, so a new shipyard was needed. The orbit of Planet Columbia was chosen for this task, with security in mind.

Always willing to be efficient, engineering teams towed the small San Jacinto Station into orbit of Columbia, and started to expand it, using the small supply base as a station core. Drydocks and manufacturing facilities were added, and in 815 A.S. the shipyard initiated it's first major construction project, Battleship James. Upon completion of the ship, the station was renamed to "Washington Shipyard".

At present the Washington yard is dedicated to the construction of new ships, whereas Norfolk is dedicated to the maintenance of damaged vessels. Juneau switches between roles based on need.

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