Wuppertal Refinery

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Wuppertal Refinery
Faymann class Station
Wuppertal Refinery.jpg
Alglogo.png ALG Waste Disposal
5E, Cologne
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 630

Wuppertal Refinery is a jointly operated ALG - Kruger station within the Cologne system, dedicated to the smelting and processing of the different metals mined by Kruger or recovered by ALG operations Sirius wide. Originally established in 804 A.S., the base was built and equipped using ALG funds in the midst of Kruger's large financial problems as a perfect solution, owing to the resource rich planetary debris orbitting planet Steinfurt. As the talks of the merger of the two companies took place, Wuppertal was the first station onboard which ALG and Kruger staff worked in unison, sharing their experience to mount steady competition against Daumann's monopoly.

Presently, the station is establishing substantial refining capacity in order to exploit nearby metal ore resources for High Temperature Alloy manufacturing. Despite its position around Steinfurt, orbital mining has not yet commenced, though preparations are under way to allow the refinery to accomodate metals mined from the Planet's orbit.

While the mining and refining operations are in development, ALG has temporarily established a side operation that manufactures newly developed and highly specialised hazardous material containers for Toxic Waste storage. Wuppertal Refinery has been able to begin turning a profit due to HazMat Containers sales much earlier than ALG's refining plans had expected.

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