Adrian Wiesen

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Adrian Wiesen
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Rheinland Military
Rank Feldwebel
Born 799 A.S.
Died Still Alive


Adrian Wiesen was born in 799 A.S., Planet New Berlin. His father, Alfrede Wiesen, one of the high Ranking officers of Rheinland Military, was one of the many who disappeared during Nomad Wars, suspected to be possessed by Nomads - The group later known as Das Wilde -.

Ever since, Adrian had been living with his Uncle, Fernandas Wiesen, as a Child, he always dreamed about joining military and launching an operation to rescue his father, as the years passed, the dream turned into a more realistic one, considering his father wont be back, he started dreaming about joining Military to become someone like him.

As the years past, and he became more mature, the 'dreams' turned into a more realistic points of view, As a result, at the age of 16, he joined a Private Military Academy on New Berlin, using help of his uncle and his knowledge to go through his training, but never actually leaving for space. The Trainings in the Private Academy were limited to Simulation programs and A.I Based combat situations, resulting in loss of courage in some like Adrien, because they realized the Real Combat situations would be much harder. After spending 3 years of training, finally at the age of 19, he entered Space for the first time, and with help of his uncle, established rank of recruit in reserved wing of Rheinland Military.

After operating in Space for a few months, he was suggested to join the official ranks and therefor he decided to join the Rheinland Military to fight alongside with his uncle.

Current Day

Adrian Wiesen is currently operating under the rank of 'Feldwebel' in Rheinland Military Primary Fleet, and is often described with sentences like:

"A talented man moving through the ranks rather quickly has caught the eye of his commanders.Not only has he impressed those considered top brass, but there has even been good word spread about him amongst his peers."