Ahli Mia

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Ahli Mia
Ahli Mia.png
Ahli Mia
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Samura Transporter Pilot
Gender Female
Affiliation Samura Heavy Industries
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 10/05/791 A.S., Planet New Tokyo, New Tokyo

Team 5D's.pngLittle girl with red hair

Ahli was born on 10th May 791 A.S . Her parents - Lee and Ina were citizens of the Kusari, For many years, Ahli together with their parents, flew through all the galaxies, from the Kusari until Bretonia. But Education was for her the most important, because person without education is nobody.

Team 5D's.pngSchool time

She attended school at the a call of the Free warrior. She studied very carefully, but sometimes her not want to go to school, preferring to meet people and then met Yusei Mikudo, a young boy with the golden scar on his face. Then she realized that running away from school is bad, because it can happen something wrong.

When Yusei flew from New Tokyo, she met the person who called Mint-Ava-Mi, said that he belonged to the brotherhood of free galaxy. He offered to join Ahliand she accepted.

Team 5D's.pngWhite Mask of Death

White Mask of Death
Possession opponent by a white mask of death

When Ahli joined the brotherhood, was named a White Mask of Death. Hunted for all pilots who served for Kusari Naval Forces, and always won every battle. Always left in fear of his opponents, and she give a red and black rose symbolizes the blood and death of each person. Her aversion to enemies of the brotherhood hanging from every opponent. But when she saw Yusei, she attacked him, but Yusei knew what was going on and fought with her to the end and won.

Team 5D's.pngResurrection Ahli

When Yusei rescued her from the possession of free Galactic Brotherhood, immediately reported Kusari Naval Forces on this, where the Brotherhood of Free Galaxy return for the acquittal of his acts, because she was possessed. Kusari Naval Forces to accept a proposal and Yusei gave them a place where they are.

The next day the news was told about the action carried out by the KNF and the fact that he hides behind a pseudonym white mask of death was acquitted.

Ahli in Coma

Over the next few weeks, Yusei watch over the health Ahli, because all the time after a fight with him was in a coma. Ahli's parents came to her all the time, but Yusei said it would be on it all the time watch and do not be concerned about.

After two months, Ahli awoke from a coma, and the first who saw it was Yusei. She said that thanks you for saving her life and she loves him.

Team 5D's.png5D's Team

Team 5D's - Ahli John Yusei Frank Rua & Rui and Richard
Logo Team 5D's

When Yusei together with Ahli were spending holidays together on Planet Baden Baden, he heard about tournament of king Vinni II, where prize is title 'king of racers' alongside two hundred millions credits. But the problem, which was a hard one to Ahli and Yusei was lack of pilots and mechanics, but they solved the problem thanks to John and friend of Ahli - Frank. All they lacked now was a mechanic but Ahli like always found a proper person who without problems could work with them and that is how she found Richard, who knew more about motors than anyone else. That's how team 5D was founded.

Team 5D's.pngThe adventures of a new job