Anne Hayes

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Anne Hayes
Anne Hayes.jpg
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Independent Pirate
Born Exact birth date unknown.
Died Still Alive
  • Name: Anne Hayes
  • Age: Around 24
  • Day of birth: Exact birth date unknown.
  • Origin: Exact birth place unknown
  • Occupation: Independent Pirate
  • Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
  • Parents: She never found out the names of her parents.


Not much is known about Anne. She grew up in an orphanage where she was bullied and molested by the male flatmates that were living there. Ever since she had problems to control her temper and tended to lose control over herself rather fast. Always when that happened she ended up attacking the male flatmates, until one day, where she was thrown out for the attacks on them.

She went her own way after that. Being homeless and nowhere to go she wandered along the streets, broke into homes and stole all the things she needed to survive. It all went well until one day when she was caught by the owner of the house she broke in. Instead of calling the police to deal with the issue, the man decided to keep her, tied her up in a basement and mistreated her for almost a year. She eventually managed to free herself and killed the man without any mercy, in fact she enjoyed it after all the things he did to her.

After that she was never the same again. She changed completely and was full in anger and hate, especially and mainly only to men. As she only witnessed bad things of men, she pretended to herself that all men are the same, using that to increase her general hate towards them.

She made it to her own mission to protect women of men who mistreat them. Those that mistreated women were killed by her, without any mercy. Those that betrayed women were tortured by her. If those that were already tortured continue to betray, she would come for them again and kill them.

The only people she actually spend time with were women. There were merely a few exceptions where she talked with men.

Her life consisted of hunting men and protecting women until one day when she met Vanessa Hayes. She was the girl who was finally going to change something in her repetitive life.

Personal Relations

Faction Relationship People
Vanessa Hayes
Nancy Sweetwater
Aimee MacDonald
Jennifer Berry
Nydia Dahl
Steve Holloway
Pete Levine
Austin Goodman