Nancy Sweetwater

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Nancy Sweetwater
Bringing a bit of color into your life
Origin Planet Leeds, Leeds, Bretonia
Occupation unknown
Gender Female
Affiliation N/A
Born 2 Feb. 795 A.S.
Current Goals
  • Putting the pieces of the puzzle back together
Personal Summary
  • Name: Nancy Sweetwater
  • Age: 29
  • Day of birth: 2. Feb. 795 A.S.
  • Origin: Planet Leeds, Leeds
  • Occupation: unknown
  • Height: 1,72 meters
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Parents:
» Richard Sweetwater (59),
» Elizabeth Sweetwater Day (57)
  • Relatives:
» Gordon Sweetwater (Uncle),
» Sam Sweetwater (Cousin)
» Peter Day (Uncle)
  • Bothers/Sisters:
» None

Family History

Richard Sweetwater

Ex-Bretonia Armed forces pilot. Retired after having served for several years and fought for the Bretonian nation. Having been station mainly in the border regions of the Omega’s and having had several encounters with combat on patrols. Now retired due to health issues and still living on Leeds, never having lived somewhere else, neither wanting to go anywhere else.

Elizabeth Sweetwater Day

Born as within the mining worlds of Dublin, having lived there for several years before she bailed due to the hostilities growing within the system. Having met Richard, now her husband there and fallen in love. Living a happy marriage so they say. Always having been seen as a example for the perfect housewife.

Gordon Sweetwater

Being two years older than Richard he also joined the BAF at a young age and both have found themselves next to each other in several fights in the Omega border. However Gordon remained healthy and is now living on New London doing planet side and logistical work for the BAF.

Pete Day

Last known to still be active as a Molly, always having had his grudges against Bretonia and lost near to all contact with Elizabeth, his sister, the mother of Nancy Sweetwater ever since she had left the mining fields and found her luck with Richard.

Nancy Sweetwater

Born on planet Leeds and having lived there for quite some time. Her father having pushed her into the world of pilots. Which she didn’t mind much as she enjoyed flying herself. The fact that he also wanted her to join the BAF was something else however as she didn’t like to be bossed around much, and the Military soon proved that to her. Being kicked out from the recruitment selected after she had denied orders and wasn’t showing the attitude they needed within the BAF.
She had decided to move on by herself as a Freelancer as she still had this urge to make her parents proud. Fighting alongside the BAF with her own Freelancer Sabre. Having done so for several years. Living her own free life and enjoying the fact that she had almost no limits in how to act against certain people while she could fly around. Having earned quite a decent salary by the escorting and support serviced for the Bretonians.
After several events she had decided to quiet flying, or at least drop back for a while and let everything settle down. Having taken a easy job as a waitress in a bar named ‘the Smokey shell’. Having enjoyed her work and the attention she was given there. Not minding the men in how they treated her and taking full joy from it. But again events led her to leave the job behind and she had decided to get back to flying, something to take the edge off.
She has never stayed around anywhere very long. The way she acts with intentions or not always leading to something that would breakdown. The way she walked on the edge with this rush for danger got her to stretch it, sometimes to the point where it breaks. The actual fear taking over from there. But when things calm down again, instead of leaving it she'll try again. Searching for that rush she liked so much.

The Reavers

Having joined the Mandalorian Mercenaries to find a easier way into contracts and the paperwork. Feeling too lazy to actually work for new contracts and the Mandalorians seemed to fit her perfectly as they were also eagerly working for the Bretonians and protecting what was still there, as Bretonia had been suffering from the war with Kusari and now Gallia. At least now she had given reasons against to her parents to make them feel proud.
Ever since she had been living on her own and found her own place on planet Cambridge she had grown more against her parents, but she kept visiting them and tried to keep the visits friendly even though they sometimes left her with a annoyed feeling. At some point it had caused her into wanting to vent. Having ran to Kusari where she was shot down as a Mandalorian, them being considered terrorists there.
This opened the way for her to the Reavers, Silver having paid a bail for her freedom as she was held in the Fuchu Prison station in Shikoku. Silver managed to talk her into taking her offer to work for the Reavers. She took the offer as she saw the opportunity of a free life still being there. Being allowed out of Fuchu until she’d have to show up for court. Living as a Reaver and doing work for their contracts while she enjoys the freedom of being able to get to many places and ‘play’ with many people.
However overtime the Reavers was a mark she rather didn't want to have burned on her name. Having tried to keep her life as Nancy and Sangria her Reaver colour separate wasn't working out very well, this due to her walking on the edge and eventually slipping. The build of of stress caused her to make one mistake after another, eventually leading to regrets and guilt feelings.
She gave up on hiding her real name behind the colour she was wearing, as she became the face of the Reavers now that she took over the leading position of Silver. After the events on Cambridge the guilt feelings only became more, as she was now responsible for a 'terrorist' like attack near Grandchester on a residential flat, where her own apartment was located. A mix of things and the stress made her 'shoot' in frustration, the result however was more than 120 Bretonian civilians dead, including woman and children.

Fuchu Prison Station

The way to and from Fuchu Prison where she would spent just over two months time before managing to find a way out.

Settling down


Further notes

  • Enjoys flying and just that, sometimes cruising around aimlessly just to feel the handling of her vessel.
  • Isn't a true killer as she sometimes rather wants to play with somebody’s head and leave the bounty for that they are, taking more joy from actually seeing people hunger for her rather than blast them away and take the credits that are paid.
  • Always wants to keep everything clean that she works with, talking about her ships, wanting them shiny and without rust as she flies out. But she isn't as clean when it comes to her household. Not minding if there are things left to be cleaned up.
  • Can't stand it to be denied or lied to. Perhaps because she lies so much by herself.
  • Having a dislike for using side-arms or anything that would involve face-to-face combat.
  • Favorite color being a dark-tune of red.
  • A small scar on her chest, just under her left breast.
  • A barcode like tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.
  • A gunshot mark on her left shoulder.

Notable possessions

Always having flow a Sabre in her early days of flying. Having used it with a lie that it was from her boyfriend that had passed away, just to make a impression to some males that seemed to care about a girl that was hurt. Having used this until she got into the Reavers, having picked the color Sangria as she liked the drink, having seen it come by in the bar she worked several times, one customer there she had a eye one always ordered it. And when she was given the chance to pick her color she had chosen this. But she dumped the Sabre too, having turned fully to the Gallic ship line and equipment as she wanted a new start of what could be her last days being free before having to be send back to the Fuchu prison, after court.
The Republic of Kusari Court had spoken and sentenced her to work under the Reaver banner for Kusari in a their good faith that it might change her being and making up for the damage she inflicted against the Kusari Republic. To make sure she would do whatever needed and not make her escape they implanted a small chip within her chest, that if she would run they would make sure she wouldn't get far and let the chip 'pop', meaning it would stop her heart. Also having a tattoo on her wrist, having been given a number as a convicted criminal of Kusari. Weekly she would have to check in the Chokan of Kusari itself, needing a quick scan and explaining her progress. In the hope that one day she'd be released from the chip and could go back to fully being free.
She had gotten her hand hands on a Gallic Freighter, a Aurochs. Wanting to refit its interior to make it liveable and be a place she could live when she was bored of staying in either of her places. Wanting to enjoy some freedom and having a place she could withdraw herself too without anyone actually being able to knock the door.
She wears a bracelet around her ankle, which has a small blue diamond. The diamond was given by a close friend of hers in its origin was from Gallia. He told her to do something nice with it and she picked the small bracelet around her ankle. The bracelet being made from bright silver and the stone was fixed in a little hanger. From the same friend she also received a bracelet for around her wrist, one made from red diamonds that one could link to the Blood Diamonds from the Red Hessians but their watermark can't be found anywhere on these rocks. This bracelet was given as birthday present for her 25th birthday.
When she returned to Fuchu Prison to make up on her conviction as she dropped out of the Reavers she had decided to return the blue diamond and later a red one that were both gifts to the owners as she didn't want them to fall in the wrong hands, hoping they would eventually be returned to her once she was allowed to go free again. Even when her conviction meant she could be in this prison for the rest of her life.
The Aurochs somewhere around Rheinland


  • CTE-6000 "Eagle" Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
  • 90-ARKM-N45 "Wraith" Rheinland Very Heavy Fighter
  • Series Z "Sabre" Border Worlds Very Heavy Fighter
  • RH-GM40 "Odin" Red Hessian Very Heavy Fighter
  • MCU-1 "Aurochs" Gallic Freighter



Criminal Record

  • Assaults commited against Kusari - Convicted
    - Under the employment of the Bretonian Armed forces
    - Under the employment of the Mandalorian Mercenaries
  • Assaults commited against Rheinland
    - Under the employment of the Mandalorian Mercenaries
  • Assaults commited against Liberty
    - Under the employment of Reaver Mercenary Co.
  • kidnapping of a Liberty Navy officer
    - Under her own initiative.
  • Assaults commited against Bretonia
    - Under the employment of Reaver Mercenary Co.
  • Kidnapping of several Bretonian Armed forces Pilots
    - Under her own initiative. (Austin Goodman, Sophie Savoie, James Arland)
  • Terrorist attack against Bretonian civilians
    - Under her own initiative. (±120 civilian casualties)
"You're hereby found Guilty by the Republic of Kusari, For crimes against the nation and it's people. You're sentenced to service to the Reaver company of mercenaries until the Repuiblic of Kusari states otherwise. To ensure this is met, you're to be implanted with a Kill-chip in the heart. Which will explode if you do not check in monthly with the Kusari Law enforcers. You will be given a tattoo of a Barcode, which will be coded with your Criminal number. This will be used to check in."

- The Honorable Judge Saruwatari Michiyo, Planet New Tokyo, 27-7-819 AS

Personal Contacts

Her own view on the world and the people that live within it.
Faction Relationship
Steve Holloway
Theo Sittlingen
Aimee MacDonald
Marcell Chevalier
Sophie Savoie
Everyone else
Kalliste Silver
James Arland
Alan Polstari
Adam Reid
Jordan Callagher
Austin Goodman