Aimee MacDonald

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Aimee MacDonald
Aimee MacDonald.jpg
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Molly Republic
Born July 16th, 795 A.S., Planet Cambridge
Died Still Alive


Likes, and Dislikes


  • Exploration
  • Massages
  • Cuddles


  • Corsairs
  • Being lied to
  • Being insulted

Personal Relations

Faction Relationship People
Austin Goodman
Lydia Howarth
Nancy Sweetwater
James Arland
Lisa Jaeger
Sophie Savoie
Anne Hayes

Faction Diplomacy

Faction Relationship Factions
Molly Republic
Everyone else
Bretonian Police Authority
Bretonian Armed Forces
At War


Born on July 16th, 795 A.S. at the local hospital on Planet Cambridge. Aimee MacDonald was the only child of Anthony and Shannon MacDonald. She grew up in good conditions after her birth. However, the luck of the family run out quickly as Anthony, Aimee's father, lost his job. After that he searched for Freelance jobs and worked completely independent. With the help of the Freelance jobs, they were able to have all essential things that were needed to live a modern living. Nonetheless, they were not able to keep up with the financial status and they slowly got into debts. After Aimee's sixteenth birthday, they were completely in debt. Not many options were left and they decided to sell the house. All that was left was a small vessel and a small amount of the cash that they earned from the sale of the house. Aimee from now then lived together with her parents on the small vessel. They traveled around Bretonia and explored a lot of parts of Sirius. Exploring systems was always something Aimee liked and enjoyed a lot. After arriving at Dublin in Bretonia, Aimee's father finally found a job. The pay and conditions weren't the best but it was good enough for the time being. Dublin was a dangerous area with barely any patrols or escorts back then. The local people soon started to mistreat Aimee and her parents. After two years of poor treatment Aimee witnessed her very first stroke of faith that really led to a sudden change in her life. Her parents were killed by Corsairs on an ambush, while the Bretonia Armed Force, despite being close, didn't help. Aimee had enough and has sworn death to all Corsairs and to free Dublin to make it a better place. That was the time when Aimee decided to join the Molly Republic and her life began from anew.