Ashley Sukuki

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Ashley Suzuki
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Solar Runner Founder
Gender Female
Hair color Silver
Eye color Sea Blue
Affiliation Solar Runners
Born unknown

Bio - The Beginning

Bio: Born on Tomioka to Hakido Suzuki, a field worker, and Lily Harkens, a Libertonian tourist, Ashley Suzuki was the second to be born to the couple after they eloped to Planet Denver. Her older sister, Silver, was the most temperamental of the four children. Cursed with a temper and a master of wielding it, Silver terrorized her younger sisters, causing the massive rift between Ashley, Rori, and Yori with Silver. Silver then disappeared, and Hakido joined the Liberty Navy after being laid off his job on Denver. While hakido was off fighting on the Texas Front, Lily was forced to raise Rori and Yori herself. Ashley helped as best she could, and the family got by on what Hakido sent back. The family was going fine until the Accident.

As Yori was playing in the park with Ashley, a drunk driver raced by, running up the curb and heading straight for the two. Yori pushed her older sister to the side and was hit full on. She was thrown to the side and struck the ground as the car smashed into a tree. Ashley rushed to Yori’s side and was the last person to talk to her before she passed. Her final words were “Are you ok?” and when Ashley said yes, and that Yori would be fine, Yori just smiled and closed her eyes forever. This left Ashley with a permanent stutter, which is amplified when in intimate situations. It was at this time that Lily began to become cruel and demanding, leading to a rift between her and her remaining two children. Finding no reason to stay behind, Ashley, at 17, and Rori, 14, left their mother and her cruelty behind and returned to Kusari, where they fell in with the Blood Dragons after being attacked by some Hogosha. Becoming a low-level member of the Dragons, Ashley mostly flew a few patrols around Kyoto before she received word by an old friend on Denver that informed her of her father murdering Lily Suzuki and defecting from the Liberty Navy with a group of Navy officers, including her errant sister Silver.

Ashley and Rori were preparing to move away from Kyoto for their own safety, and were in Hokkaido, heading to refill on Ainu, when their Chimera came under attack from a wing of Morag Tong Sabres. Managing to make it to Ainu, the Golden Chrysantheums attempted to mediate the dispute before one of the Sabres lost control after Daito fire took off a wing and smashed into Ashley’s fighter, killing Rori immediately and wounding Ashley. The Chrysanthemums eradicated the remaining three Sabres and took the katana onboard. Treating Ashley, she left as soon as she could in the cockpit of an aged Eagle, making it to Java before it almost literally fell apart. Using the remaining parts and her meager amount of money, she managed to procure a Spatial for herself and headed for Liberty, hoping she could hide from Morag Tong right under their noses.

It went well, until Silver found her. Shortly before hand, Ashley had been accosted by Isabella Archer, and in the following days was cared for by the eccentric freelancer and her household of lesbians, pizza addict, and a brainiac teenager with a penchant for AIs. After being cared for and given a night to rest, Ashley left, but again found herself on the doorstep of Izzy’s apartment, with a flesh wound on her side and Morag Tong on her tail. Isabella nursed her back to help, and the next day asked Ashley to be her girlfriend. It was that night that Morag Tong made one last attempt at Ashley, ending with damage to the Navy Apartment Complex, and dozens of dead Morag Tong agents. Ashley, who had been shellshocked when Silver broke in and tried to kill her, ran out, causing Isaeblla, Strix, and Xi to follow.

Using a walkie-talkie froma dead MT agent, Izzy and the two managed to trick the Morag Tong into revealing the location of Ashley, prompting their small assault on the warehouse. Guarded by a platoon of men, Izzy and her two friends fought their way to Ashley. Retrieving her, Izzy fought a final fight with Silver in hand-to-hand combat as Ashley lay unconcious, ending with Izzy the victor and the four leaving the Morag Tong, who had retreated as the Marines from Fort Bragg began to approach. Retreating back to home, Ashley broke from her shell shock and spent one last night with Izzy before being smuggled off the planet by Izzy’s contacts. Delivered to Freeport 1, and out of reach of the Morag Tong forces, Ashley was then transferred to a Corvo-Class cruiser that was waiting. An older one, bordering on decrepit, Ashley was left in charge of the ship, and was told it would have better use in her hands then being scrapped and thrown to the Junkers.

The Star Watch was named after an old activity Ashley and her sister Yori used to do at night time. Around every day at night, Yori would ask Ashley to Star Watch with her. What they did is go out in to an open area and lie down and watch the stars over head. To Yori, there was so much out there she wanted to know. Rori soon joined them and the three would watch the night sky. Star Roamer was the name of the Corvo she was given. Ashley gave it this name because Rori liked to watch one certain star at a time. Sometimes Rori told her other two sisters she could see planets in the stars orbit, sometimes she said there was only rocks, once she said she saw a planet with life on it. The night of Yori’s death shattered Ashley, when she went out that night to watch the stars, her other sister Rori was with her. Rori that night knew Ashley was broken, even she was. That night they stared at the night sky, Rori was in tears by then and Ashley tried to calm her down. Rori only said she missed Yori and she didn’t want to feel this way. Ashley told her Yori was in a better place among the stars, which this calmed Rori down. Around midnight, a tired Ashley brought home a sadly sleeping Rori.

Ashley a few months later married the love of her life, James Harper, who himself was a member of the Liberty navy primary fleet. Currently both reside together on their home Solar Runner ship within the depths of the Omicrons alongside the rest of her family and children. While no longer prone to her depressed past, Ashley has gotten much more accustomed to her new way of life after the full foundation of the Solar Runners with herself, her husband and her brothers and sisters. The once emotional train wreck is now a happily married girl who would spend her time working, exploring or just taking care of her family.

During the Zoner war's deep within the Omicron space, Ashley grew closer to the Solar Runners as a whole, including her childre and family, knowing that they were safe where they were. She also has a well made strong bond with her brothers and sisters now for never leaving her behind during the heat or when she needed help.

Today Ashley now works on Freeport eleven in Omicron Delta to mostly raise her youngest children (which she has about eight of now...) and to help her Runners around the base when needed

Faction Relationship
Solar Runners
Blood Dragons
Kusari Lawfuls
Liberty Lawfuls
Other House Lawfuls
Liberty Rogues
Farmers Alliance
At War
At War
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