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Battleship Montreuil
Triomphant class battleship
Battleship Montreuil.png
Gallic Royal Navy
5F, Ile-de-France
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Burgundy system, despite being located just one jump away from Ile-de-France, was discovered later than most other systems that currently form the Gallic Core Worlds. Moreover, the first humans to settle in it were pirate groups that would later become known as Gallic Brigands. Burgundy was always a dangerous place compared to the Core Worlds, and the Royal Navy was tasked to create a strong defensive shield to secure Ile-de-France from possible intrusions. The task became more important (and complex) after the start of the Second Gallic War. While Burgundy's trade lanes were under tight Navy control, the various asteroid fields in the system were dominated by the Council and other unfriendly groups. With relative ease, the Council could send its ships into Ile-de-France using those fields. To secure the trade lanes from a possible direct attack from Burgundy, Battleship Montreuil was stationed near the Sarcelles Shipping Facility.

The battleship itself belongs to a dated Triomphant class that was succeeded by Richelieu class. It was previously tasked to defend Planet Nevers in Burgundy and participated in several military actions in Dauphine and Champagne in the early stages of the Second Gallic War. Currently it is tasked to perform continuous long-range scans of nearby trade lanes, and dispatch fighter patrols on any sign of trouble. The battleship rarely leaves it's position, given that the aging design would make it vulnerable against a surprise attack with modern weapons.

Missions Offered

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