Birmingham Wreck

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Birmingham Wreck
Wellington class Wreck
Birmingham Wreck.jpg
4D, Manchester
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays No
Amenities None
Population 0

Once, one of the newest BMM installaitions that minded several Hydrocarbon deposits in the Manchester System, Birmingham Station was selected as a target of opportunity by the GRI during the Blitz on New London, not for its mining Operations but also for its MOX Feul production center.

Using the cover of the Sheffield North Ice Field, the Embrun Battlegroup lay in wait as the defense Wings present at the Base were called to New London to support the defense effort. In a swift attack, the Embrun and it support wings decimated the Station with several bombing runs, disappearing into the Sheffield North Ice Field as the Harlow Battlegeoup arrived on site to defend the Base, only to find it a smoldering Wreck.