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Governing House Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Region Bretonia
New London

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium White

  • TYPE: G8
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 2.00 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.85 x 10e7 km
Planet Wight.jpg
Planet Wight
Planet Jersey.jpg
Planet Jersey

  • None
  • Birmingham Ice Field
  • Newgate Minefield
  • Sheffield North Ice Field
  • Sheffield South Ice Field
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System Map

Notable events

Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Birmingham Ice Field

The Birmingham Ice Field contains large quantities of frozen Terraforming Gases and Hydrocarbons. The Hydrocarbons are processed into Polymers by the facilities aboard the Birmingham Station, owned and operated by Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM).

Sheffield North Ice Field

A large field of ice asteroids. The North Sheffield Field has been a favorite haunt of Lane Hackers who find it a convenient location to lurk prior to attacking any of the several nearby Trade Lanes.

Sheffield South Ice Field

A large field of ice asteroids. As the crackdown on Molly terrorists has continued and the population of nearby Newgate Prison swells with their numbers, the South Sheffield Field has been used by the Mollys as cover from which to stage prison breaks.


Newgate Minefield


There is only one safe route through the Newgate minefield, protected by automated defense platforms. Ships are advised to follow the navigational buoys and not to stray from the indicated course. Any ships that deviate from these directives will be considered hostile and fired upon immediately.

Birmingham Wreck

Once, one of the newest BMM installaitions that minded several Hydrocarbon deposits in the Manchester System, Birmingham Station was selected as a target of opportunity by the GRI during the Blitz on New London, not for its mining Operations but also for its MOX Feul production center.

Using the cover of the Sheffield North Ice Field, the Embrun Battlegroup lay in wait as the defense Wings present at the Base were called to New London to support the defense effort. In a swift attack, the Embrun and it support wings decimated the Station with several bombing runs, disappearing into the Sheffield North Ice Field as the Harlow Battlegeoup arrived on site to defend the Base, only to find it a smoldering Wreck.

The Wreck of Birmingham Station

Jump Gates/Holes

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