Briggs O'Harley

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Briggs O'Harley
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation An Canaan interceptor, supllier and the Base specialist
Gender Male
Height 1'82 m
Weight 76 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Affiliation Zoner
Rank Experimented Fighter/Bomber, Ex-Liberty Navy Colonel
Status Active
Born 23th September 784


Born on Planet Pittsburgh, Briggs had a hard life as a child. Living with his father, a worker in the Pittsburgh's boron mines and with his bigger brother Tim O'Harley, all living in an little apartament near the mines. When Tim reached 18 he joined the navy as an bomber, later to be known as a the commander of the LNS-Battleship.Nevada.

While Tim was at the West Point Academy, Briggs's father died in an lava surge insde the depper tunels, being one of the most tragic catastrophee in the Pittsburghs history. Alone, only with the dad's Stargazer, left Pittsburgh and started as a Freelancer at just 15 years. After three years he got enough money to buy an small villa on Manhattan, but, he didnt, he wanted to continue his adventurous life as a Freelancer, so he pushed his luck to the limit. With only one waran he was tasked to bring down an squadron of Liberty Rogue's gunboats, he must of been mad to belive he can do it.

In the middle of the battle, he runned out of nanobots and shield batteries, the ships's hull was barrely holding and the life-support systems were fried, briging down just one gunboat out of six he accepted his fate and gave up. When that happened LNS-Battlesip.Nevada showed up out of nowhere along with two squadrons of bombers to help his brother. Briggs was confused. He docked with the battleship and it dissapered in hyperspace as quickly as appered.

Briggs couldnt understand two things how his "Bomber Loving" brother was the comander of a battleship, and how he finded him. He was never aswered this questions. imediatly Tim hugged him and they had a long talk about what Briggs has done during the past years.For his courage Tim offered an job as leader of the 22th Bomber Squadron. He accepted on the spot, and he and his brother have been reunited until the Nomad War.

During the end of the War, when they've spotted Jun'ko Zane, Edison Trent and a doezen of LSF fighters exiting the Alaska, Tim didnt asked a question, just said the word "LIGHT UP THOSE TRAITORS !". After the escape of the intruders with the help of the Osiris, shocked, Briggs spoke to his brother, he looked and talked different compared to the previous day. After theire conversation an nomad incubus crawled out of the Tims body and wanted to infect Briggs aswell. Briggs quicly drew his MK 42 pistol, and shot the incubus. His brother fell unconscious. After that he primed the whole ship to blow, thinking that he is the only one still not infected, escaping through an emergency pod. Though theexplosives werent heavy as he thought, just blowing up the engine.

The following day he was found by an Canaan scout team. He was brought to Ames and asked what happened. He descriped the Zoners about the nomads that were controling the hole battleship's crew. After sometime he joined the zoners as an weapon specialist and then recruited by the Canaan leader as his personal escort, now also serving as an trader and an base engineer.

Briggs's Ships

Cv vheavy fighter.png
Briggs O'Harley's Scout
Briggs O'Harley's Heavy Escort
Briggs O'Harley's Bomber
Briggs O'Harley's Crewship
Equipmentship of Briggs O'Harley Team