Edison Trent

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Edison Trent
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation The Order
Born unknown
Died still alive

Born in Bretonia, the brash, yet noble Edison Trent became a Freelancer and left for the Border Worlds, trying to make himself a fortune. After arranging a deal over a tonne of Boron with a trader on Freeport 7, he lost almost everything bare of his life when the Freeport was destroyed by unknown assailants. Short of money and in need of a ship, stuck on the planet which he had been evacuated to, he got himself employed by then-LSF commander Jun'ko Zane and soon found himself in the middle of a galaxy-wide conflict.

Early life

Career as Freelancer

Most of Edison Tents life as a Freelancer before the Nomad war can be summed up in his own words with this vignette, the original copy can be located here.

"For the record my name is Edison Trent. I just go by Trent. It's easier that way.

As for my background, I've never had much use for the past. I do have my eye on the future, though. And right now that future hinges on my getting back a million credits this guy owes me. It's not entirely his fault, the station we were on got blown away...but a deal's a deal.

It was a sweet deal, too - a million credits for a shipment of rare ore that I picked up in the Borderworlds. I needed that money, I earned that money, I risked my butt for that money. The GMG rep, this guy Lonnigan, was about to finish the transaction when suddenly the whole place started to come apart. Sirens, fire, the works. We couldn't get to our ships and to make matters worse a support beam hit Lonnigan in the head. He looked bad so I grabbed him and pulled him into an escape pod, took one last look at my cargo all spilled out on the deck like that - and then yanked the lever. Five seconds later --Boom. It was all gone.

We got picked up and taken to Manhattan, in Liberty space. Not my favorite place, they've got rules and regs for everything. But I still have Lonnigan. He's my ticket...as soon as he gets out of the Medical Unit. I have plans for that cash. That's future enough for me."

The Nomad War

After the war

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