Jun'ko Zane

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Jun'Ko Zane
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Born unknown
Died still alive

Jun'Ko Zane is a solid, no-nonsense ex-Liberty Security Force commander who at first was the employer of Edison Trent, Hero of the Nomad War. She has her roots in Kusari and still visits her relatives and contacts living there on occasion. Currently, she is working as a covert operative for the Order, defending the Human race against the still very dangerous Nomad threat.

Early life

Jun'ko Zane's Kusari based lineage is still something of a mystery. All that is known of her family is a grandmother living in Kyushu's Tsushima Depot over over the Planet Aso, a gas giant. What is known however is that Jun'ko left Kusari sometime in her late teens in order to study in Liberty. Some time later she applyed for a position in the LSF and became a special operative in charge of a small investigation unit. She stayed in the LSF until she was betrayed by the Liberty Government in an attempt to silence her over the Nomad Power grid Artifact.

Career in the LSF

The details of Jun'ko Zane's service to the LSF are also vague but what is certain is that she was a respected and influencial investigator. She was often the head of operations or the head representative for the LSF in her engagements just before the incident which caused her to desert

The Nomad War

Jun'ko Zane was one of the heroes of the Nomad war. As such she was incharge of an Order assault Squadron which attacked the Dyson Sphere that the Nomads had inhabited. As such her name is spoken with great respect within the Order and the LSF, who survived the initial purge of their department. She fought beside Sirius' Saviour Edison Trent until the very end of his Journey when he invoked the powers of the Key Artifact.

After the war

Jun'ko Zane returned to Liberty after the Nomad War. After recieving public recognition and a full pardon, Jun'ko began to rebuild her life as an LSF agent. She is known to frequent Manhatten as she works towards this goal

Recent Developments

Called back into active service by Order Command, Jun'Ko now flies her old Nomad War fighter, an Executioner, retrofitted with modern Order technology. She serves primarily as a recon Agent, rarely if ever going into combat. Monitoring Nomad movement is her primary assignment, as well as foraying House space and their borders for Nomad activity. She is loathe to return to Liberty, as her departure was swift and informal. She does not expect a warm welcome for returning to their enemies' side.

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