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Carla Turkleton
Origin Bretonia
Affiliation Bounty Hunters Guild
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 21.9. 793 A.S., Planet Cambridge, Bretonia


Carla Turkleton is a Bounty Hunter of Bretonian origin and a notorious coffee drinker. Always a bit tired she travels through Sirius, in search for some glory...or somtimes just a good coffee. The most time she is a nice and quite curious person, though being always easily irritable, especially when someone disturbs her while enjoying a cup of coffee. Almost always at her side is a young Rheinlander named Fred. She does not know much about him as Carla found him together with her current ship, the 'Flying Cow' - A "Bottlenose" Bounty Hunters Guild gunship. Besides the fact she is almost always really mean to Fred she is almost a too nice person to be a Bounty hutner, though there are some moments in which it could be fatal to meet her.


Born on Planet Cambridge, Carla grew up as daughter of two farmers far away from the bigger settlements of Cambridge. Already when she was a little child there was a unique thing about her. She constantly looked tired and from time to time she just fell asleep seemingly without any reason. After her parents became more and more worried they decided to consult a doctor. And he recognized the problem as a light form of a disease called narcolepsy. But he also meant it would not be necessary to use addictive drugs as usual, as the disease was not that bad. And with the time Carla learned to handle the problem with dirnking coffee in rough masses...maybe not the best way, but also a solution. Though she is constantly slightly tired she was always in search for exciting encounters. But a lonely farm on Planet Cambridge was definetly not the right place to find what Carla always searches for, as she had to find out. And with the day she became 18, she left the farm, her parents and the boring Cambridge behind, using the old Dromedary of her father. The first stop of her journey was Sheffield Station in the Manchester System. She was just heading for Liberty, the "center of the universe", but she had to get some rest....and new coffee. At the station's bar she did not only get her coffee, also her first love. It was a young bounty hunter, not older than 25 years. He just arrived at the bar when Carla suddenly fel asleep right on the counter. Helping her in the thought Carla was another hunter a special relationship between those to arose, causing Carla to join the Bounty Hunters Guild some time later. While the relationship between them did not last too long she still works as a bounty hunter.

Some day, while flying through the usually empty Gallileo System, she found a seemingly abandoned Bottlenose Gunship. There was no sign of a crew, only a strange noise from the little storage room.