Carlo Sombrero

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Carlo Sombrero
Carlo Sombrero.jpg
Origin Corsairs
Affiliation The Order
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 29th June 769 A.S., Planet Crete, Omicron Gamma


Carlo Sombrero is the commander of the Eclipse, an old Osiris. Earlier a Corsair he is now a high quality member of the Order's Secondary Fleet. Honor and obedience are the most important things he is thinking about. Always searching for most efficient way to protect his new home in Omicron Minor he can get very angry about wasting the Order recources all the time. To use and show his own experience he gained in his earlier life as a Corsair commander Carlo Sombrero always tries to bring his opinions about things around, thinking they are useful for any Order Agent or commander around. Notorious for his aggressive word choice Sombrero tries to keep a cool head all the time in contrast to what he usually speaks.