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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Ageira Technologies (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Ageira Technologies ID.

Ageira Technologies
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Corporation
Date of founding 44 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Planet Los Angeles, California


Ageira Technologies is one of the "Big Three" corporations of Liberty's business world, specialising in Faster-Than-Light transportation research and development. They are the only manufacturers of Ageira White Boxes. Other key Ageira products include armaments from Detroit Munitions; and industrial products such as super alloys and superconductors.

Ageira prides itself on developing cutting-edge products in a wide range of fields across Sirius.

Another version of the Ageira logo.


44 A.S. - Valhalla research is formed, with backing from the Government and Military.

44 A.S. - Valhalla Research makes a break through in engine technology that will allow ships to travel between star systems in months, not years.

120 A.S. - Valhalla Research invents the orbital Docking Ring, making it easy to lift Men and Materials out of a Planets Gravity well.

126 A.S. - Valhalla Research announces they are building a major research facility in the Texas system.

130 A.S. - Valhalla Research's first successful test of a Jump Gate.

155 A.S. - Valhalla Research changes names to Ageira Technologies.

180 A.S. - Ageira Technology completes first full scale test of a Jump Gate.

181 A.S. - Universal Shipping signs contract with Ageira for handling Jump Gate parts.

185 A.S. - Liberty President unveils the Jump Gate project to all of Sirius.

189 A.S. - First Jump Gate between Colorado and New York is opened.

202 A.S. - Jump Gate between Texas and New York is opened.

207 A.S. - Jump Gate from New York to California is opened.

215 A.S. - Ageira builds a mass production facility for Jump Gate parts in Colorado.

218 A.S. - Ageira and DSE form Interspace Commerce.

238 A.S. - Ageira Technologies headquarters moves from Manhattan to Los Angeles.

280 A.S. - Ageira introduces the Trade Lane.

500 A.S. - The Texas Incident.

614 A.S. - Detroit Munitions begins operations.

700 A.S. - Ageira and Interspace team together to develop a real-time tracking scanning of cargo through Trade Lanes and Jump Gates.

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