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Cloppenburg Base
Rosch class Asteroid Base
Cloppenburg Base.png
BundschuhLogo.png Bundschuh
6F, Bremen
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 150

Cloppenburg Base was constructed by the Bundschuh in 802 A.S., when the faction gained limited (if short lived) financial support from the Order. At the time, Bremen was a desolate system with only a remote research facility which the Order was interested in. Cloppenburg was established as a base from which reconnaissance missions could be directed.

After the Nomad War, Cloppenburg became a backwater station for the Bundschuh. The Order still uses it on occasion, but their presence on the station is minimal. Cloppenburg is mainly used to help political dissidents escape prosecution from the Rheinland regime, a task that has become more difficult since the invasion of Liberty into the system.

Missions Offered

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Light Fighter
Pi transport.png
Pirate Transport
Border Worlds Transport