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[Popess] Concordia
Connie 07 wk.png
Origin Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Affiliation Zoner
Born ~ Between 790AS and 801AS, Pueblo Bonito

The woman known as Concordia is the result of an abortive experiment lead by the Illuminatii. Largely optimistic and loving anyone she meets, she left the safety of Baffin on 817 and started to wander aimlessly in Sirius, visiting many places and meeting various people during her travels.

She is changeable and mischievous. However she wouldn't hurt someone on purpose.

The Illuminatii

The Illuminatii form a small cabal mainly located in Pueblo Bonito, Baffin. They love secrecy, and only a few Erisians are aware of the existence of that cabal. Even less people have any clue about their projects. Whether or not the Polyfather is aware of their existence is unknown.

The shining path

Popes actually use their pineal gland to listen to the Goddess. Illuminatii discovered that Eris whispers were fading since a while. Worried, they secretly worked on various projects to increase the signal, such as experiments on the pineal gland, or pineal amplifiers.

Their last project, the shining path, would allow the Goddess to communicate directly with mankind using a single medium, instead of many - Pineal glands, that is.

That medium would be an human, His psyche altered to host a parcel of Eris. Illuminatii made several attempts. All of them failed. Either the subject didn’t survive to all the steps or he survived but went out of his mind. Literally.

The last attempt however failed because a member of that cabal decided it was enough. The more it went, and the less did Illuminatii care about ethics. That pope then left the cabal and destroyed the Erisian elements necessary to continue the experiment on the subject.

Concordia is Mnemosym’s daughter. Her mother decided to dedicate her child to the shining path. Her genotype was altered before her birth, using the five Erisian elements (Orange : Cardamine, Prickle : Geode’s crystal, Pungent : Nomad genome, Boom : Plutonium 555, Sweet : Golden apples) found by the cabal.

During her youth, she then was almost constantly asked to participate in various experiences and teachings, in order to make her psyche permeable to the Goddess.


Concordia is an optimistic girl, always seeing the good side of things or people. She can be seen as really naive regarding some subjects. Considering everyone as a friend worth to be loved, she will never quite understand why people hate or kill each other.

She decided to enjoy her life. Remembering her past as a part of her identity, she doesn’t dwell at length on it. What matters to her is present. Smiling and make people smile... She decided she would never cry again.

She loves to tease people, jumping on silly subjects just to shake them a bit. Thus, some people tend to claim the only thing she cares about is sex. However nothing could be further from the truth.

Of course, she loves to have fun with men or women... Excitatory Gnosis is after all a well known mean to bend reality. Concordia loves everyone. She personally considers her heart is filled with love. Therefore she couldn't resort to love only one individual. Her love needs to flow into every heart she can feel.

This lead to some misconceptions, people claiming she doesn’t really love, since she cannot dedicate her love to someone.

She will try to help others, but only if they really want to be helped.

Last observations of Illuminatii revealed Concordia’s psyche is fragmented. Five main parts could be noticed :

- The child : Naive and innocent part of her psyche.

- The succubus : A part that desperately needs affection and love.

- The angel : A part that wishes to help others, mainly to heal the sorrow inside their heart.

- The mother : The need to comfort, generate and evolve. A fair part of this fragment is known as “nascent”.

- The priestess : Illuminatii consider this fragment to be the closest of Eris’s psyche. However, this part is at best in a sleeping state, rarely revealing itself.

Concordia could never be jealous. If someone she loves cheated on her, she would actually be happy as he or she would have joy and fun, even if it's without her.

She doesn't see any boundary between "Love" and "Friendship". Both are the same to her. The girl loves friends and boyfriends with the same intensity.


A naughty Concordia after a long dance.

She is a dark haired girl, looking rather young. Her pupils are always completely dilated, making her eyes totally black.

Having generous hips, she has however a somewhat small bust.

The girl enjoys to wear clothes of various styles. Though, most of the time she can be seen wearing an old and somewhat dirty zoner flysuit.

She usually wears blood diamonds earrings. A gift given by a Red Hessian friend of hers.

Despite being confiscated often those earrings, she soon get new ones from Herbert.


Since she lived all her life either inside the sacred sanctum or in a ship, she suffers from Agoraphobia. When she lands on a planet, she is often afraid of all that space on top of her head, of the rain or the snow. On top of that, she almost always get lost when she walks. Strangely, she never gets lost in space, however.

To buy her fuel, she usually dances, mainly because she loves to and isn’t too bad at it. She however does various jobs, depending on what she finds. Those are always casual jobs and she never works for long. Just long enough to earn enough flax to buy supplies or repair her ship enough. She then moves on.

She doesn’t like to stay at the same place for too long. She gets quickly bored and wants to see new places, meet new friends... Or just get lost for a while far from any major human group.

She can somehow feel the sorrow hidden in one’s heart. That usually makes her sad, which is why she wants to heal the heart she is touching.

She cannot go back to Baffin, since she believes her mother would catch her and force her to do “boring things” again.

She doesn’t understand a thing about what the Illuminatii wanted to achieve. She only knows them as “Mom’s weird friends”.

That woman seems to be able to hold a drink. Most of the time, men end up drunk before her.

Despite the rumors, Concordia doesn't have any STDs (Socket Trumpeted Debauchery).

She is actually checked weekly either by John Henry Holliday or Med Force One medical teams.

Her ship

Typical wandering in Wendell ice field.
A lonely Unicorn. The girl certainly went to the bar of the station.

Concordia bought a ship from a freelancer right before she left Baffin for good. She named it "Devil's Unicorn", or "Unicorn honey", as she uses to say.

It's an aged Sabre that was customized by its previous owner. The vessel lost most of its offensive capabilities in exchange of small life quarters.

Those quarters consist of a tiny table, a very small bed, a sonic shower, a kitchen corner... All that in the same room. Concordia spends most of her time either there or inside the cockpit.

It is usually a bloody mess there, various clothes lying around, the sink almost always full of dishes, many objects lying on the ground or simply put untidily on the bed... The girl doesn't seem to find it strange or wrong anyhow.

Since she is almost always broke, the unicorn is always lacking some servicing. There is almost always something going wrong in that ship and the girl has to suddenly run into her hold to repair how she can the breakdown.


- Birth :

Born in the sacred sanctum. Exact date unknown. The Illuminatii used an old Discordian calendar to mark her date of birth and count her years. Her mother is “KSC” Mnemosym, a member of the Illuminatii. She doesn’t know who is her father. The only thing she knows about him is he wanted to call her Concordia.

- Youth :

She was raised in the temple, and almost always had what she wanted. Her mother being one of the Legion of Dynamic Discord elders, she became accustomed to be treated like a little princess. Some use to say Mnemosym wasn't strict enough, allowing her to escape from the temple, when she was supposed to meditate. During her youth, Bonito Discordians were used to see her scampering along in the station, running wild and doing stupid things.

However, the girl had to suffer the various experiments the Illuminatii were imposing her to make Eris psyche emerge. Those were senses deprivations, chao magick rituals, meditations associated with fast, various surgical operations, extensive learning of Discordian teachings.

Concordia grew as someone out of the ordinary. Never really melting into the crowd of dynamic discord. Always watched closely by the templars taking their orders from her mother, she soon enough started to give them hard times, running around, hiding everywhere in the station or “borrowing” a fighter as soon as she learnt to use them to visit Sedona Station, Shasta Orbital Skyhook or even Freeport 6. Mnemosym was always raging right after and grounding the girl, this leading to her escaping again and giving even harder times to her keepers.

A bit before she left Baffin for good, she worked on Shasta Orbital Skyhook’s traffic regulation center. She found this job annoying as hell. She then started to dance in the “Sin’s after hour”. However she soon decided to explore the outside world...

- Running away from Baffin :

One day the girl had enough. She borrowed a lot of money from various persons and bought an old and heavily modified Sabre from a freelancer who stopped at Shasta Orbital Skyhook. She then headed quickly to Coronado jump-hole. Since then, she never came back to Baffin.

- Sirius wandering :

From this day, she visited a lot of places and met many friends. She started to be quickly known as “That beautiful girl” or “That crazy zoner lass”. Accepted pretty much everywhere, she loves to hear people stories.

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